Friday, June 19, 2015

Live in OM

We should live this life properly in a total spiritual journey. Let there be complete healing, prosperity, peace and, above all, let there be the constant vibration of the sound of OM in your total being. Each one of you is a total incarnation, a total manifestation of that vibratory sound OM. Your organs in your body work with that vibration. And you will heal your body by continuously humming in the deepest part of you the OM sound. And you will find that, no matter what the situation, you will be healed.

What is OM? It is the divine sound of the Supreme Lord, call Him (or Her) whatever you want to. In his wisdom He created each of you in his perfect image and therefore your total manifestation is from that OM vibration. It is the purest vibration, the purest sound to man. Let it resonate in your being continuously and you’ll find that no condition will affect you. No matter how serious the condition, you’ll just pass it by and live life and enjoy your body the healthy way.

God’s intention with each one of you is perfect. He only made one mistake in the whole creation process and that was to create Lucifer. But let there be only one Lucifer. We should just live in the divine energy given to us by the Supreme Lord. And in that energy you should dance, sing, cry, laugh, run - all in that energy.

The anamaya kosha (physical sheath) that you so much enjoy and beautify is only a useless mass of flesh. It does nothing but consume. But if you go focus on the other koshas you will live a perfectly beautiful life. You’d live in your own wisdom, in your vignanamaya kosha, and enjoy that kosha until you attain the state of anandamaya kosha, the state of total bliss.

Many of you believe bliss can only be attained at death. But it can be attained in this life, in this living mass we call ‘body’. So enjoy this supreme energy and live in this supreme energy.

Hari Om and God bless you.