Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We should not have gossip in an institute that is religious. But you must also understand the difference between a man’s head and a woman’s head. Inside a man’s head there are boxes, lots of boxes, and the boxes don’t touch each other. Inside each box are all his 'goodies:' his son’s box, his mother-in-law’s box, etc. He can go to the mother-in-law’s box and have a discussion. Inside a woman’s head there are no boxes. It's like an express train, everything is connected to everything.You start a topic and they go there and there, and they don’t even know what they said.

So, do you understand? Men have ‘boxified’ emotion. Women have 'electrified emotion'. And the man gets fried. Men also gossip, but they have specific topics, they have boxes. Women don’t have specific topics. You tell one woman something, by the time she’s told another woman the expressway has got connected somehow, all the wrong things are offloaded and things that weren’t connected are all of a sudden connected. In the man’s head the boxes don’t touch, in case some of the content spills over, they are very neatly placed. I saw it on the net.

So, as much as you will say, men also gossip, I agree with you. But the only difference is that the men’s gossip remains where they discuss it. If 3 men gossip, they laugh it out, and that’s where they forget it. With women’s gossip, the expressway is still working as they walk out that gate and tell the next person. Gossip is no good. I’m not saying you should gossip. I’m just showing you how gossip happens. With men it is contained in the boxes. With women, ‘shwing shwing’, expressway. This is not picking on women, this is from my experience of 25 years in the ashram.