Saturday, June 27, 2015

Navagraha, Karma, Fate

To explain navagraha to you: if you’ve studied numerology then you will understand the prayer. Every 9 years your numbers are repeated and your cycle is repeated, that’s why I said that if you are a number 7 you need to do this prayer more than once. Number 7 means obstacles and difficulties are in your way. That is the first thing. If you go anywhere else they do navagraha by the book but we do it according to your own numerology, with your number, the number you are vibrating at the moment. If you are vibrating at 7 you will be attracting 7 and obstacles that will cause problems. If you are a number 1 you’ll be attracting number 1 issues like a quick temper, harsh words, badmouthing – that will be it – nothing really that will affect your journey beyond your control. But number 7 problems will affect your journey so you have to do Sani abishegam. The best time for this is on a Saturday.

If you sit or stand in front of a Sani statue and repeat, ‘I love you, I love you,’ so it becomes a mantra, then Sani will be happy. If you recite the Hanuman Chalisa in front of the Sani statue, he will also be happy and have peace. Reciting the Sani mantras does not take a long time to remove the obstacle, or fate. Karma is your destiny. But it’s your fate to suffer so that you remember God like you did today. At the beginning of the year many of you didn’t think you would remember God today. So we condition you by the calendar. We remember God today and pray to all His forms in the planets and ask for some relief in our difficult times.

With karma you can’t come to do navagraha and expect 50% of your karma to be gone. There’s no such thing. With karma you have to work at it. Karma is not financial difficulties. Being murdered, getting married, that’s karma, because your whole life will change.

Karma has nothing to do with fate. It is accumulation and there are 4 kinds of karma. I’m not going into them but all of that must be cleared, those reserves must be cleared. We have a lifelong fixed deposit, a 2-year fixed deposit, a 12-month fixed deposit and a 32-day call account. The call account can happen to you every day of your life. 1 year and 2 year karma comes in time. Your lifelong karma will be there like a mirror looking at you continuously. Karma has nothing to do with navagraha or fate. Many priests make you believe that by doing navagraha your karma is reduced. There’s no such thing. If that were true then none of you would be here because you are my karma. I would do navagraha every day. The fact that you are sitting here is your karma. You could be deejaying somewhere in a nightclub on this Saturday night.

I am praying that whatever you prayed for or requested will be fulfilled. Whether you want a new factory, machine or car, I pray that it will be fulfilled.

Hari Om.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Live in OM

We should live this life properly in a total spiritual journey. Let there be complete healing, prosperity, peace and, above all, let there be the constant vibration of the sound of OM in your total being. Each one of you is a total incarnation, a total manifestation of that vibratory sound OM. Your organs in your body work with that vibration. And you will heal your body by continuously humming in the deepest part of you the OM sound. And you will find that, no matter what the situation, you will be healed.

What is OM? It is the divine sound of the Supreme Lord, call Him (or Her) whatever you want to. In his wisdom He created each of you in his perfect image and therefore your total manifestation is from that OM vibration. It is the purest vibration, the purest sound to man. Let it resonate in your being continuously and you’ll find that no condition will affect you. No matter how serious the condition, you’ll just pass it by and live life and enjoy your body the healthy way.

God’s intention with each one of you is perfect. He only made one mistake in the whole creation process and that was to create Lucifer. But let there be only one Lucifer. We should just live in the divine energy given to us by the Supreme Lord. And in that energy you should dance, sing, cry, laugh, run - all in that energy.

The anamaya kosha (physical sheath) that you so much enjoy and beautify is only a useless mass of flesh. It does nothing but consume. But if you go focus on the other koshas you will live a perfectly beautiful life. You’d live in your own wisdom, in your vignanamaya kosha, and enjoy that kosha until you attain the state of anandamaya kosha, the state of total bliss.

Many of you believe bliss can only be attained at death. But it can be attained in this life, in this living mass we call ‘body’. So enjoy this supreme energy and live in this supreme energy.

Hari Om and God bless you.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Your parents

I carried kavady until the age of 48, and when I was 50 I gave my kavady to Seelan. I didn’t just carry one kavady, I carried up to 10 a year – for my mother – all the way from Port Shepstone to Richard’s Bay. I used to pierce myself without being in a trance, but my faith in Muruga and my love for my mother allowed me to do that. My father died of a heart attack on a Tuesday morning, on the Wednesday we had the funeral, and that Sunday I carried kavady. Nobody spoke to me for months. My mother was still living at that time and I needed to fulfill my promise to her. Nobody came with me because it was against any principle they knew. They said I can’t do it and they disowned me for months. Nothing has happened to me since. If somebody died, I carried kavady.

When my mother died my brothers and I had a fall-out because they wanted to do 16 days but my teaching is against that. I don’t believe in it because I follow the Bhagavad Gita and there is no 16 days. So I didn’t do the 16 days. Right there, where our samadhi shrine is now, my mother’s body lay and I did the hawan there. I took the hawan to the crematorium, put it on my mother, pushed her into the burner and that’s all.

You know what happened? When we went to the beach with the ashes I could feel my mother around my leg. The ash came around my leg and wouldn’t leave. My brothers did the 16 days. But I’m fine. I’m happy. I know where my mother is. They don’t. So, therefore, do not follow what you are told by your parents 100%. They are also following in fear what they learned from their parents. I explained to you about the 16 days and 10 days. In the olden days the crematorium, or ghat, was not near the house so they had to carry the body all the way there. They could not eat boiled foods while travelling so they still tell us today that we should not eat boiled foods. Give your mother everything while she is living, not when she’s dead.

Vish and I went somewhere today and saw a beautiful hearse. I said, “What’s the point of putting a dead person into a beautiful hearse? He doesn’t know about it”. Give your parents everything you can now. My father-in-law used to like Mainstay cane. I would buy him a bottle and hide it away and tell him where it was so he wouldn’t get caught. When he died there was a whole bottle of Mainstay there at the funeral so I asked why. They said it was because he liked it so I said, “He can’t drink it now. You’re going to drink it”. And they said, “Ja, we’re waiting”.

If you have parents make sure you give them everything that you can give them. I only have 2 regrets, that I didn’t take my father to India and that I didn’t take my mother to India. Otherwise I gave them everything. That’s why today I’m happy, I don’t have any doubt or guilt. Your parents are 2 people you don’t ignore, no matter what the circumstance, because it’ll come back to bite you. Remember that. Your parents are the most important people in your life, then your husband or wife. If you’ve got that right then you have life right. So allow me to be the lamp at your feet and the light on your path.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We should not have gossip in an institute that is religious. But you must also understand the difference between a man’s head and a woman’s head. Inside a man’s head there are boxes, lots of boxes, and the boxes don’t touch each other. Inside each box are all his 'goodies:' his son’s box, his mother-in-law’s box, etc. He can go to the mother-in-law’s box and have a discussion. Inside a woman’s head there are no boxes. It's like an express train, everything is connected to everything.You start a topic and they go there and there, and they don’t even know what they said.

So, do you understand? Men have ‘boxified’ emotion. Women have 'electrified emotion'. And the man gets fried. Men also gossip, but they have specific topics, they have boxes. Women don’t have specific topics. You tell one woman something, by the time she’s told another woman the expressway has got connected somehow, all the wrong things are offloaded and things that weren’t connected are all of a sudden connected. In the man’s head the boxes don’t touch, in case some of the content spills over, they are very neatly placed. I saw it on the net.

So, as much as you will say, men also gossip, I agree with you. But the only difference is that the men’s gossip remains where they discuss it. If 3 men gossip, they laugh it out, and that’s where they forget it. With women’s gossip, the expressway is still working as they walk out that gate and tell the next person. Gossip is no good. I’m not saying you should gossip. I’m just showing you how gossip happens. With men it is contained in the boxes. With women, ‘shwing shwing’, expressway. This is not picking on women, this is from my experience of 25 years in the ashram.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Babaji was in Katrigama. Bhogar Maharishi was his guru there and Agasthiar was his guru in India. The spot where Babaji attained his Samadhi state is in Katrigama. Every morning Bhogar told him to build a hawan kund with stones. And every morning Bhogar would kick it down and tell him it was wrong and then rebuild it exactly the same way. After many practices Babaji realized it was a lesson. From that lesson Babaji became a perfect person, in every sense of the word. So, like that, in this life you have to have obstacles in your path.

I’ve had obstacles. When I was really on the religious path I was about 36 years old, I was just onto the spiritual path. Clinton, Melissa, Tashi and Vishnu were all little – and what happens? Somebody attacked me. They chopped my hand and I lay in hospital in a coma. But that is what made me stronger, made me believe more in God because I still had breath. That they couldn’t take away from me. When I went to the orthopedic surgeon 4 months later, he said that we had to remove the hand. Something said to me, like a bee in my brain, to tell him not to remove it. 5 months later I went for a retest and he said it was developing nicely but I needed to learn to use it. I told him that I would write his cheque with that hand, and 4 months later I did. Still today I write with this hand because I learned from the obstacle. If I had removed my hand and had to develop my other hand I’d never get it right. Now I write with both hands.

What have I attained in 20 years, spiritually? I couldn’t put it on paper, there’s so much. There were things I never knew, but now I know. I don’t know how. And what caused this? One obstacle. I had more time, I didn’t have to go to work. I could sit and meditate for hours. There was a time I used to meditate for 10 hours in one sitting. I would lock myself in my room from 4 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. But I had a reason. I needed to prove that I could still carry on living and doing God’s work even with a disability. I’m telling you these things so you can put more into your belief.

Belief is not like having a carrot in front of a donkey. That’s not belief. Belief is much stronger than that. Anyway, I want you to have strong faith. You don’t have it but you think you do. I’m telling you these things so that even when I am not here you’ll think about this and have a strong belief in God. I know that nothing will flicker that light in me, not even a hailstorm. I make sure the light is protected. When I am locked in my room from 11 to 1, nobody disturbs me for 3 hours. They know that is my time. And I will sit there and have a discussion with the masters, like you are having with me now. So, the order is: enlightenment, self-realization, and then God realization. The definition of enlightenment is to make the mind lighter. As long as the mind is like that your journey will be simple, and quick.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 June 2015 Pournami Pooja talk

Hari Om.
A great man once said, ‘don’t do unto others what you won’t do unto yourself’. This is called a boomerang effect. What you do to others comes back to you through your children, through your spouses, through many things. It comes back to you. Many people cannot stand to see other people progressing in life so they do many unnatural things, nothing spiritual, so that those people cannot be successful. It comes back to bite you. Always remember that. It will come back to bite you.

Times are difficult right now, money is tight and a few people will be progressing. You should just be happy for those people. Patanjali says in the Yoga Sutra, ‘Do not want what somebody else has’. Don’t think that you should have it and not them. It is because of your karmic consequences from the past that you are in this difficulty. Instead of going around and looking at others who are successful and thinking bad things about them, just think about God and you will become successful. Nobody here is successful by himself or herself. They are all successful because that’s what God desired. If God doesn’t desire it for you then you won’t get it.

It is by your karma that you are walking in this life, no other reason. And it is by your karma that you are building for your next life in this life. And you need to make sure that you work out your past karmas in this lifetime without accumulating new karmas for your next lifetime. You must be thinking that this is very difficult to do. It is not, really. Do good and be good. That’s all there is to it. When you do good then you should be good. But don’t do good and be ego. It won’t work for you. If you did some good deed it should be between you and the individual or organization you did it for. You shouldn’t go around telling everyone. That is asking for the fruits of your actions and you won’t get anything out of it other than just boosting your ego. When your ego comes down it comes down dangerously fast.  What’s the point in talking about good things? You don’t have to be aware of good things. You have to be aware of bad things. Good things will come and go but bad things will leave a big dent in your life.

The next 6 months will be a difficult period. If you read astrology you’ll see that there’s a great planetary transition happening at the moment that will affect every one of us. And the only way to get out of this and to keep your head above water is to pray. Only prayer can save you, nothing else. Believe me, the casino will not save you. It will only take away what you have. It doesn’t give you anything. Many of you think that if you go to the casino your finances will come right. They won’t. If you work it out, you end up putting in more than what you get out. So don’t think you can go in the evening to the casino, come out in the morning and miss a whole night of your life just pressing buttons. Enjoy life. Buy some buttons and press them at home. We waste our energy. And money, that is so difficult to accumulate right now, we’re just wasting at the casino. I’m not asking you not to go, or telling you it is wrong. I’m just saying you’re not going to get anything out of it. It is your choice, your money. But there will be at time in your life when you’ll sit back and think about what I’ve told you about the casino and realize what a fool you were. Some people’s second home is the casino. They literally live there. If you can’t find them just go to Sun City or Sibaya – you’ll see them there looking like they own the premises because they have a premium card. And when they talk about casino they’ll show you their card and what membership status they have. Rather pull out a card that will show you what status you have in the astral plane, and then I’ll be happy. In the time wasted at the casino we should rather chant some mantras. If God so desires for you to have R10 million from the casino then you’ll have it.

There’s something else I need to tell you. Many of you have lost money at casinos – a lot of money. And when you lose the money what do you think? That someone else is going to get your money. That money is cursed. If I went to the casino and lost R100 I would leave there depressed and so the money is cursed. You go there to gain money not to lose money and when you don’t gain it you’re miserable. Casinos are not places to go and waste your money and your beautiful time. Spend your nights in the luxury of your own home and lovely bed. I know, I’ve been to the casino and I saw some of you there. You’re happier in the casino than in the ashram. But you didn’t see me. I’ve seen many of you. Hard earned money, you’ve worked all your life for, you go and put in the casino during this difficult time. Think about it. You might be thinking, ‘This guru, it’s not his money so what’s he worried about?’ I’m not worried that it’s not my money. You didn’t ask your geography teacher why he’s teaching you geography. We are going to have more very difficult times and I’m asking you to keep your money for a rainy day. You need to save your money. Many of you are so lavish, and I know somebody buys face cream for R3000, but from the time I’ve known this person until now their skin is still the same colour, nothing has changed, so I don’t know what the cream is doing. This is how we waste our money. There are some things you need to know. If you’re meant to remain black you will and if you’re meant to remain fair you will. The colour of your skin does not make you who you are. I’ve seen some people who are dark and are so beautiful, and some people who are fair but you don’t want to look at them. Save your money.

Remember also, the Gayathri Peedam is not a once-a-month or a once-in-a-while place to pray. If you want to experience the energy you need to really come here and pray. You know, I can take you to my kripa and show you on my camera what kind of energy is around the Babaji shrine. You’ll be surprised. If you stand there you disappear, you don’t appear in the camera photo.

Hari Om.