Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kuniya Ma and astrology

I know you’re asking, ‘What’s this murthi in front here?’ It’s a very special murthi. It’s not Lord Shiva. It’s Kuniya Ma – a Buddhist form of worship. But we can also worship her. In Buddhism she removes all obstacles and is the goddess of prosperity. Aviloketeshwara is the name of this murthi in Hinduism. We also have Laxmi. We are going to use that murthi today. The unique thing about that murthi is that it was given to me by my guru in 2012. It is made of platinum and gold so you don’t usually get to see it. I will be watching it. It was given to me by my guru and is not something I could afford myself.

When I went into Swami’s kutir, his house, he had a small structure outside the ashram where we used to sit and be blessed. In the morning he asked me to go to his room for something and I saw that murthi. It just attracted me magnetically. I thought to myself, ‘I hope Swami gives me that before I leave’. We finished and said goodbye and he said, ‘wait a minute, I have something to give you’. And he brought me the murthi. It’s not a murthi that I asked for on the material plane. I thought about it and Swami gave it to me. I didn’t think for one minute about the value. It stays in a special place in the house. She’s the mother of good fortune and prosperity, and she removes all kinds of obstacles in our life. That is what we need right now: some real great force to make change. Each of us has our own obstacles. Some are teachers, some doctors, all with our own obstacles. It’s across the board, not just the poor people. That’s only because right now the planets are so set to make our lives very difficult.

Most of what we did today was done anti-clockwise. The reason we set the prayer for this time is that we are going to have major problems until March 2015 with Jupiter and it’s going to affect each one of you. What is genuinely yours will be taken away from you. You’ll know it’s coming your way but you won’t get it. You’re not going to die during this time but death would be even better than what you are going to get. We went anti-clockwise to unwind what has been affecting us. I don’t want you to go home and say, ‘Guru did everything upside down’. I did it right side up but anticlockwise.

Jupiter has entered Cancer now so all those people who are born in the sign of Cancer, you are the first set of beings targeted by Jupiter’s entry into this house. Therefore we did the prayer this way for each one of you so that house can have some peace on this journey of material accumulation. There’s nothing else on this journey that we’ve accumulated materially. That’s the only thing we can show. This is the beginning. There’s much more for us to see. If you go to my computer now you’ll find that, a couple of days ago, I typed something after having an encounter at one in the morning. It only spelled disaster – nothing else. Be careful don’t get into anything new right now or you are going to have a problem.

When I look at my own astrology chart, nothing is in my chart. But there is something happening that was not expected so soon. It happened sixty years ago and it’s happening again. It will affect everyone: government, investors, everyone. Take it easy, don’t spend your money lavishly and get stuck. There’s also another aspect but I’m not going to talk about it because you might think you’re being targeted. So I won’t talk about that.

A simple example regarding accidents, as much as there are more cars on the road, aren’t you seeing more accidents than ever before? You can pass on the same road between Spaghetti Junction and Reservoir off-ramp and you’ll pass three accidents simultaneously. That alone will tell you that it’s taken a toll on us. Many youngsters will be confined to wheelchairs. The mothers are here praying for the betterment of their children. That’s why I gave you the opportunity to make an offering at the last moment to the Gayathri kalsa because she is the most protective energy around us at all times.

Astrology is very complicated and strange. For example, if you’re a Cancerian and the lord of Cancer is Rahu, if somebody who is Leo is sitting in the sign of Rahu’s lord then we’ll have certain kinds of problems. It’s the planetary setup that causes the problems, not the stars. But when the planetary setup knocks you out then you’ll see stars.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fasting saltless

To those who were not here last week, tomorrow is a very important navagraha pooja to do because the planets are in different houses and creating problems for everyone. I pray that all of you have kept your fast 100% and have not been sneaking salt into your meals somewhere. There’s also a new thing on the market now called ‘No salt’ that tastes just like salt. Don’t buy all those things because when you do any prayer, one of the things that is important to be done is to give up something that you enjoy very much. And why we give up salt is because, even though you don’t know, it you really enjoy salt. But you don’t know that until it is taken away from you. It is one item we cannot do without in our daily consumption. Somehow it comes up. It is in almost every item we consume.

The reason we ask you to fast saltless is very simple: the body is so accustomed to salt that without salt it goes into shock and we get cramps. Some of us even went to hospital with these cramps. The body goes looking for the salt and in that process it’s burning up all the toxins so by the 9th day your body is very pure of whatever you consumed before the fast. So you might – like many people I know, when the petrol price goes up they fill up their tanks – have a big braai the night before your fast to fill up your tank for 9 days. We’ll empty your tank in the 9 days. That is why we do a saltless fast. Those people who are vegetarian, you don’t have a problem in life. You can go to any temple at any time. But if you ate meat you have to stand outside. The disadvantage of having meat is always there. And in the Ten Commandments I think the 6th commandment is about that – thou shalt not kill. That means human and animal.

For the next 3 Fridays I won't be seeing you so you just enjoy your service. I’m going to India. Carry on. I know generally if I’m not here many of you don’t come. I should not be the reason for your attendance. God should be the reason. You should come here not because Guru is here but because you can feel the presence of God. This is very important to understand. We're going to conclude now.
Hari Om.

Friday, June 13, 2014


To experience God on this journey you have to be somewhat out of touch with the material plane. When I say ‘out of touch’ I mean that the material plane should not have any effect on you. That means if you lose R10 you shouldn’t be sad. And if you gain R10 you shouldn’t be happy. It shouldn’t affect you.

Accumulation is the worst thing on this journey. Once you start accumulating and don’t know when to stop, then you’re going to miss the journey. What will happen is that one of the faculties of the mind – greed – will take over and you’ll just want more and more and more, and you won’t stop. Every time you strive for that you’re just getting closer to your grave. The grave is only six feet deep and about a metre wide. You can’t take all your possessions with you. The grave is only made for that box. You can take anything more than that box. Oh, you can take your cellphone. We fail to understand that, and when we leave this body we take so many problems with us. It’s the same with cremation. The furnace is only 3m x 3m x 3m, not more than that. How much can you fit in there? Not much. So again you’re going to leave everything behind. And you also leave behind problems. The children will fight. Mother- and daughter-in-law will fight; they will take each other to court. It is MY son’s, MY daughter’s, and you have all the other problems that come with it, but not if you follow a spiritual path.

So, we should not accumulate unnecessarily. To find the Self is enough accumulation. You’ll be practicing and practicing and eventually you’ll find the Self and when you find the Self you don’t need any more. To sustain the Self you need nothing, but to sustain this body you need retirement. Nowadays when I meditate I try to meditate so that I don’t eat too much. I meditate continuously so that for the whole day I just have 4 slices of bread, and then I meditate that I shouldn’t have any bread. Then for a couple of weeks I don’t have bread at all. I just eat curry and no rice. That is what I want because when I get old I don’t want a situation when I want something and can’t get it. I won't have cravings because I’m killing them right now. That’s what we must do. This is important for all of you. Many are on a 'seefood diet'. Whenever they see food they want to eat. They don’t know when it’s enough. We don’t know that other people have not eaten. The body has a craving and we need to meditate to reduce the craving. It’s so important that we get this journey right.

Dean asked me just now if we’re having a discourse today. These discourses aren’t for everybody. Everyone wants to go home. They are wasting my energy. I would rather talk to those people who want to listen and will digest at least one line. In an ashram we must always be open to everybody. That family who came today didn’t even know they would be sitting in a hawan. I got an instruction and did it for them. Always do what is best for whoever walks through these gates. If I’m not here you will all be here – make sure it happens and see how fulfilling it is and how fulfilled you will be. I didn’t even know when I was sitting there where I was. I only knew that my master asked me to close my eyes and I did and I was gone. I can’t really tell you what we did because we're not supposed to discuss that. But we did what was necessary. And that’s what it’s all about: being open and giving. 

Hari Om