Friday, December 21, 2012

Year-end Message

There comes a time in a human being's life when he has to make some serious decisions. And all of us, some time on this journey, have made some decisions; and out of those we had some results that were positive or successful, or have had results of failure - but we made decisions. I've made a decision that I want to stay away from you for a long time. For that reason I'm leaving for India in a couple of day's time, and I'm going to be in India for a long time. I don't know when or whether I'm coming back. This is because you don't want to be ants, you want to be wood-borers. I find more wood-borers here than ants. Ants are good. They have great foresight, can work in a team in harmony. Wood-borers do too, but the end result is destruction - you won't have a house afterwards - but not with an ant.

Until I find that I have ants in the ashram and not wood-borers, I'm going to stay away for a long time. You won't have any contact with me, know where I am or what I'm doing, or whether I'm in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, or Malaysia. As much as I am ready to give up this life, I live this life for one individual - and as soon as that individual says to me, 'It is time for you not to live for me any more,' then I can leave this life; but I made a promise to one individual that I would live this life just for that individual, and that is why I've taken that decision to move to India for a long time.

But, in my absence, I hope you can feel my presence. I hope you can do that. It is time for you to start to attune yourself to feel this presence, and enjoy this presence. On the 31st night of December, if you're here, you'll feel my presence. I won't be here for Christmas or New Year, or for the Kavadi in January, or in February for Shivarathri. I just need to go and find what I'm missing, and what I'm missing are the ants. I need to go find those ants who know the meaning of guru and love.

Guru has become a very prostituted word. You have all kinds of gurus but, really, the true meaning of the word 'guru' has been lost in this journey by many, if not all, of you. You have lost the meaning of the word guru and maybe in my absence you'll understand what it is to have a guru in your presence.

I think this acquaintance that we have is the biggest problem. The fact that I always like to be at your level. I don't expect you to come to my level, and the time has come for me to put my right leg forward and leave you all behind. I prayed all my life that I would be your shadow but the time has come to find your own shadow. I cannot be your shadow or your banyan tree. Both of those have disappeared because the light has gone and they have died out because there is no more love.

I pray that every one of you seated here keeps the service going because you don't know which day my presence will be here. For me it's a sad-happy moment. This is a time for me where I feel parting is such sweet sorrow. I will be working with my masters at the khumbamela, and I will be lost in India. Really lost. When I say 'lost' I will only find out where I am when I'm there. Its a great moment. I've promised you many times that I'm going to go away for a long time. I think the masters have made this possible for me.

I have a new year message for you. Come here on new year and the message will be read to you, and maybe we won't all be affected by the war that is going to start. The major war of 2013 is going to destroy a lot of this world that we know. It is a time that we should have our holy war as well within ourselves, destroying all the things that we carry with us. My guru always said to me that he who entertains gossip is a gossiper himself. You can gossip to me but you'll find me reading the paper and I'll just nod my head. My guru has taught me right. Gossip will always be found on this journey. You will be gossiped about, your guru will, and everyone will.

Walk this journey with just one aspect: that you want enlightenment. The great saints came in this era so we can walk this journey with light. It doesn't matter how dim the light is. If the light can only give you a light of one meter, walk the one meter and eventually you'll reach your destination. In the darkest time of my life, when all lights were fading, I could still see my guru's hand. When everyone of you seated here failed me, my guru was there. He gave me directions that even now when is it black I think how amazing it is that he's given me direction in the most trying, difficult times. Many of us seated here have some sad and bad experiences with gossip. I don't want to mention your names. Some of you have lost dear ones through gossip, some of you lost yourselves through gossip. This is the most trying time for you when I'm away from you.

You can only turn to my advice in meditation. You won't be texting or speaking to me. I won't have the same numbers. I'm changing all my numbers in India when I go now because I want you to learn that the most important aspect in each one of your lives is not God. It's Guru. Because you don't know God but you know your guru, and because you know your guru you can know God. Simple as that. And the time  is now. Next Friday in this chair will be only a photo of me and my sandals. Friday and pournami will be the same and it'll become so monotonous that you even won't be aware of the photo. It won't mean anything, it's just a photo. To those who put it here, it has a meaning and through that you should feel this energy and enjoy this energy.

As I said, I leave with great disappointment and much joy. And my joy is that I will be with my master and people that just love the ground that I walk on. I cannot even move my toe. And the only reason they are like that is because I'm never with them. That was my lesson. Because I'm never with them, the few moments I am with them I don't even have to walk. That is just an example of the dedication and love they have. You know that as you walk in that door I'll be sitting here. You take that for granted. Well now the change has come. If I find that you have become ants and not wood-borers then I'll definitely come back. but if I still see some wood-borers here, I promise you on my guru and all the masters, coming back here will be very difficult for me.

If I have to do anything, I'll post it to the ashram. Anything to print I'll post to Dean, Tarryn, Jo and Nirvana. They can type and print. But as for me and all of you, if I ever make a call to you it means that at that moment I'm sending you that energy, but that's going to be virtually impossible. I'm going to try and avoid contacting you so you can find your true space while I find my true self.

Looking sad like that really wont change anything. You should all be happy that you are having this time to experience the energies I always talk about. Three days ago I received a Facebook message from a very senior man called Shantakhumal. He's been in our ashram for about five years now and following me for five years, and he sent me a Facebook message like this: 'Gurusharanam. This morning when I was meditating, I felt your presence. I am so excited that I don't feel like going to work'. For me those are accolades. I am proud that somebody could even have that experience. You must be able to have those experiences.

Most of my work here will be done through Seelan, Dean, Deepak and Suren. If I need any messages to be spoken they will speak it here and it'll be my message. Most of my instructions for the ashram will be given directly to Roy so the ashram must continue in my absence the same as it is now. As much as I will be absent my presence will be strongly felt. If you're not here for new year, I'll take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year to all of you. May 2013 be guided by the masters and may you use opportunity of experience of the masters so you may not be affected by the misfortunes of 2013.

If 2012 was bad, 2013 is going to be terrible. It's just because we're going into the nip of the astral cycle that it's getting worse. It's in the perfect downward trend right now. We're going right to the bottom before we rise again in 2016. War and nuclear attack is inevitable in 2013. The greatest earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes will happen in 2013. Thousands and thousands of lives will be gone. In South Africa you are very safe. You're going to have more natural disasters, more rains, more storms, more destruction, more freak accidents in South Africa.

Politically, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 in South Africa will see a downward trend. Bread will cost us more than R15. Normal bread, not the fancy bread. R100 will buy you a packet of biscuits, a litre of milk, and a loaf of bread by 2016. Our rand will be so weak it'll be unbelievable. We will be affected greatly by the political trend of South Africa between 2013 and 2016. We will lose many of our possessions and our assets during this time.

So my prayer for all of you for 2013: may God bless you all so that you can enjoy the divine light in my absence.
Hari om