Friday, February 18, 2011

18th February 2011 Full Moon Service in Kimberley

Sri Vinayagar Alayum Temple Service

God should be there always. You should have God's names on lips all the time, 'Ram Shiva Ram'. On this most important night it is important to be here on this full moon. Any priest will say this prayer will give good health, wealth and prosperity. When you are sick you know where God is, how to pray for all these issues. Only when we're in difficulty do we personalise God. Then it's 'My God' personalized.

The Gita says, 'Call my name at death then you'll get liberation'. But, because we are afraid of death, at the time we do not remember the name of God. I have been to many homes where the only enlightened part of them is the Gita which is always covered in dust. Then, when when times are tough, then you change religions. We need do something; we need get hold of ourselves. I come here with tears, this is a temple, the ceiling falling apart. What has the community done to look after the home of God? It is the first priority to keep the home of God clean and tidy. Churches and mosques give first priority to those, for the people care. We are like this: we divide linguistically, then we divide the between temples.

I went to the Kimberley Shiva temple and others. No-one was there to attend to this. We want to be in control. We Hindus are selfish, very selfish. Poodles' brother-in-law visited the Gayathri Peedam, God will embrace him who comes to me. You think the 'whities' are fools. They are not fools. We Hindus need to follow them. They follow same Hindu concept and the Hindus here cannot do and find the time to find that bliss. I was invited to the temple and we kept the invite and went to the temple. If we can see God outside, we can see God inside. We need to get this community unified. We need to take the Hindu concept to another level. We do not come here for wealth. Money is not everything. You win a million rand lotto then you are ready for the second million. You do not know what is enough. But in the spiritual realm we can become banyan trees. The tree seed is small but what comes from it is big. We can be that big that tree. We have the concept to make a stone God and we can do this as Hindus. We must do self-accountability. Are your weaknesses stronger than your strengths? If you have a weakness then make it a srengths. So if you do not have problems, we will do bhajans and mantras for full moon, and then tomorrow morning we will do Navagraha Abishegam.

Before I continue healing, this is my third visit here. There is face I see here all the time. He tries to bring unity for the community. This stick is very powerful and for me he is Veejay bai. To veejay bai; he can have this from my heart. May we find that unification so that we can follow his example.

What we did now in the prayer, many of us we are sick in the chakras, and we used the Tibetan singing bowl. Tap it or stir it to vibrate it. This works on the effected chakras. If you strike the bowl over one's head, you can heal any disease.

If you let me explain something: Why do you hold a red string below the navel with the left hand down and right over the top. All issues held there at the swadisthana chakra. All issues and emotions are held there. All in the mooladhara, manipura and swadisthana charas. When all are healed then you tie the knot to seal off all healing done. The string comes from a Haridwar ashram. This is a devi string. You tie it on the hand used to write with.

We want to start satellite bajans, held simultaneously, to unify us all. Once it is put together, Poodles will come here and organize the the laptop so we can see you and you can see us. All the temples can unite. Every time we break up, we get smaller. Our forefathers used to fill this place. What happened to us?

I went to India with a mother and daughter. The mother scolded the daughter for wearing a punjabi because we were going back to South Africa. We are too ashamed of our Indian garb. Why can't you wear your Indian garb? Is this not easy to follow? We have a situation with the children that we here: they will not have anything to fall back on. Any child born after 1984 will give you problems. We all have problems with cell phone bakthi. We never leave home without it. We leave home with no rings, tali or mangasutra, but bakti is kept for the cell phone. Mixit and Facebook are the problem. Mixit will mix u up. Facebook and you have no face left. We have all these malls that take care of kids when parents are not able to handle the kids. The kids will say to you, 'your time then, now this is our time. Those are old values and ideas'.

When God instructs you, you will not know who God is, unless you are trained to know who God is. The church has the cross and Mary. Then the Mosque has writings, but the Hindus have the ability to train you to know who God is. We do things that are not spiritually correct. I say, go home and do a stock-take. If you have a cross then you must correct it. If not, then not to worry. Let's have Gods name, His name, that's good for you. If God is Jesus, then call him. He will come. If Allaha is God, call him. He will come. If we have a perception to know who God is, then we will then know who He is.

Between 2011 and 2014, according to the great sage Agasthiar, head of the seven sapta rishis, the first of January 2011 is a Saturday so Sani has an influence on the future. There will be floods, and whole islands will disappear. Look at Australia and see what has happened this year already. In the Middle East chaos is there which will start a third world war. Extinct volcanoes will erupt. Earthquakes will happen were they never before have occurred. These are reasons to call out His name, God's name. This is the reason for knowing the predictions, and to know only this will save you in this current lifetime. War does not justify who is right, but who is left over afterwards.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Service - Kriya III Initiation

Hari Om

Tonight, at midnight, we start Kriya III, at twelve o'clock. And the hawan will carry on until twelve o'clock tomorrow midday. Those people who have not done Kriya, or who have avoided this Kriya initiation, there's something I'd like to tell all of you. This was an opportunity of a lifetime. It's not going to be done again at the Gayathri Peedam. I don't intend doing another Kriya initiation.

What does Kriya mean? What is karma yoga? Karma yoga is anything that is done selflessly without waiting for the fruit of that action. Kriya Yoga is exactly like that. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna clearly indicates that he who works selflessly without any intention for the fruits of his action, is a yogi. And what are the benefits of Kriya Yoga? Kriya Yoga has many benefits. Some of these are: mentally, you become wide awake; you become calm and still; you eat less because food is one of our biggest downfalls in this yogic practise. Great sages have told us, “He who eats once a day is a yogi; he who eats twice a day is a roghi; he who eats three times a day is a boghi”. Kriya masters have told us this. And in Kriya yoga we teach you the same.

Tonight is the first lesson that these students are going to go through. They will have nothing to eat for twelve hours. From midnight tonight until midday tomorrow they cannot eat anything. And I will have the opportunity of eating in their presence. But they will be nourished. They won't feel hungry or want food because their union with Babaji will take place any time between midnight and midday tomorrow. If you have the opportunity to come here at midday tomorrow you'll see them all still energised – or maybe a few won't be - but most of them will be fully energised to continue the day. And they'll only have had three hours of sleep, from one to four in the afternoon.

This is the beauty of this Kriya journey. It teaches you discipline. And we all lack discipline. It teaches you to be ego-less. And we all have ego. And we portray our ego very efficiently. We do that with such excellence, it's unbelievable. But we do it. Why? Today we were having a discussion about being, and in the discussion it came out like this: I told Deborah that when I travel to India with our female devotees, and some mornings when I catch one of them unawares, I have to look again to see if its the same person. And the only reason for that is that some foundation is missing. I look again to see if I'm at the right room. It's happened many times. In India, sometimes there's no hot water so I go with the hotel staff to knock on the lady's door to take the water, and have to look again to see if the number on the door is right. No foundation. That is what ego is all about.

This weekend will make you all ego-less. You'll be so ego-less that you might even go home with the same clothes you're wearing today. And Kriya helps you to destroy that ego. The beauty of any individual lies in the deeper self. What you see on the superficial, top self is nothing but an act for society. Society might tell you that you have beautiful eye-liner, or lipstick, or dress. They will never tell you that your inner self is beautiful because that is the bigger picture. The outer self can be anything. When the outer self has no inner self - that is called death. You can wear any amount of foundation and you'll still rot; and the worms will still leave your body when it is useless to them. Why? Because the beauty has left the body; and that beauty is what Kriya teaches is the soul. And in that beauty we must start living without ego.

Can we live without ego? No, because we always want to be judgemental in every aspect of our lives. And when we are judgemental, the better part of us comes out. Yet, as Paramahamsa Yogananda said, “Look at the innermost altar of your being, and in there is Ishwara, God himself”.

I'm going to show you a picture of an egoless being, and I hope some of you can identify with it. (Swami holds up a photo of Appaji.) This is who we call Appaji. Anusha met him and she'll tell you that when you sit in front of him you don't want to go anywhere. And that is how we must try to be. Egoless. That's him in his garden, picking up the weeds, without ego. No ego at all. And that's who we must strive to be – one without ego. To other people you'll be referred to as a madman.

And why I brought up this topic, is that great rishis have told us that the beauty in any human being lies in the hair. The beauty in every female lies in the hair. But, as parents, we send our young girls to cut their hair short. It's not meant to be like that, but that's what parents do. Our mothers allow the girls to cut their hair. And we only have a haircut because we have a thing called ego. Nobody can tell me that their hair looks untidy when it's long. There's no such thing, because no matter how untidy it is, if you comb it, it will look fine. So that is our first ego. We all have it.

How would you describe Appaji? As Swami Murugesu was, but very unkempt. He never brushes his hair. His dhoti is tied in a funny way. He walks with everybody. You won't even know who he is. In kriya yoga we teach you how to be simple. Very nicely.

So the test of the kriyabans will be tonight. The first one that sleeps will be sent home. We don't want anybody sleeping on this journey - and we're driving them. This is a wide-awake journey, for THE people, who want THE journey – and that is the spiritual journey. I hope that sometime in your life you'll find a guru who will give you this initiation. It's not going to happen again at this ashram. But you can't join today. This is the third part of the Kriya, so you missed out. But you still have the opportunity to be on the journey. As the Bhagavad Gita says, “There are many paths and all of them lead to the same goal”. But the problem is that we don't have a goal. We get in the car and get out when the petrol is finished. We are all living this life without a set spiritual goal. We need a spiritual goal.

So one devotee asked me today when all this will stop - this flooding and drowning. It will stop in 2014. Be content to continue being disturbed by natural disasters. Agasthiar has predicted this. It's all because we have no spiritual goals. We only have material goals. There's your opportunity to do some karma, bhakti and dhyana yoga and see where it takes you. Kriya is for all of you, only you're not making it part of you. The day you make Kriya part of you, you'll see what I am talking about.

I'm going to give you my famous line: my time with you is not as long as I expect it to be. So while I'm here, make the best of it. If you think I'm joking, early this afternoon I was asking Saras to write a letter to give permission for me to be buried here in the temple, to have my body in there. The jokes are over now. I just hope that all of you somehow find a guru and make him your life. I made my guru my life. I'm not regretting one minute. Even today we discussed that. Many people think he's taken samadhi. To me he's still here. You had all the opportunities but you didn't take them. You have a last chance. Make the best of me. Ask your questions and learn.

One person who's learning a lot, very silently, is Sundrie. Many of you think she's mental, but she's learning a lot in her silence. She talks to Warren at home and sometimes he's amazed. Lots of things that she mentions I didn't expect her to even remember. Become like that. Many of us want to become bosses, of the ashram, the Shiva mandir, of upstairs. Forget becoming a boss. Just become. Start there.

So, I'm going to read the last part to you. This is about being. Its going to be placed all over the ashram.
If you make a mess - clean it.
If you take something - put it back.
If you borrow something - give it back.
If you use it - look after it.
If you promise - do it.
If you open something - close it again.
If you break something - fix it.
If you can't - ask for help.
If you switch it on – switch it off again.
If something belongs to someone else – leave it alone.
If it's none of your business – don't interfere.
If you don't have something good to say about someone – don't say anything.

The first four we had up in our physics lab class. So these are lessons for you to understand that whatever is here is yours. Use it as though it's yours. If you use it, put it back. We find lots of things missing. People take things and don't put them back. They forget.

So, God bless all of you. Today is my spiritual birthday so I'm feeding you today. I cooked some beans, some rice, dahl, pumpkin. And I cooked for you. I know a lot of you dont like it – stew. But I cooked very special stew for you. You can have that, the beans, the rice, kerela.

Hari Om.