Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mahanavagraha Pooja

Hari om.

Just to tell you, when we started this prayer the Ganesha murti was placed differently from every other prayer; and the significance of that is that 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 are going to be the most miserable times in our lives. So we've placed Ganesha next to Suryan so that he can remove all obstacles. Why is 2011 going to be a bad year? Saturn will go through almost six houses during 2011, and that means that six times in 2011 many of us will have disappointments that are very large.

After we started the prayer some people left already. That means their prayer will not be answered, whether or not they paid their money. We have never before concluded a prayer of this nature with a hawan. It is very, very important that we conclude with a Ganesha hawan, and recite all the names of all the deities or all the Gayathris. It is very important. After that all of you will have a red string for protection that you will tie on your hand. If they leave and are not here, its their loss. I've made it clear to you that once you start the prayer you must wait until it's finished. Some people are always in a hurry. Rather don't come if you can't stay for the whole prayer.

We will conclude with a ghee offering, symbolising prosperity good health and good wealth. And every day I do a similar prayer, that each one of you must be prosperous, healthy and wealthy. And I know some of you sitting here think, 'How can he think of each one of us?'. I have a fantastic memory. I may not remember your name but I remember how you look and your energy. I pray for you all daily and today is significant of that same prosperity, good health and good wealth. I'm saying this because many of us are becoming agitated. Those who have been with me for a long time will know that my prayer is only finished when its finished. I cannot give you a time, we follow instructions from great personalities, Aghasthiar Maha Muni, Khanniah Yogi, Shivabalayogi, Sri Yukteswar, Swami Murugesu Maharishi, Babaji. All give us instructions on what to do.

You are most loved in the astral realm. Even Shiva and Parvati were here today. Jo has taken a photograph where you can see Lord Shiva talking to Parvati in the fire. You can see the flashes of blue, purple and green in the fire, in Shivas dance. What does that mean? It means that every movement Shiva makes has a cause and effect on us. And right now his dance is only on ego, which you will find at his feet. And therefore you will find that there is so much disaster. Almost half the world is now under water. And the reason for that is all of us here. We have caused this situation, and we have to live with it. Come June we will see many more disasters, with some unbelievable ones between now and June. And it's for you to make the change. And I will help you along the way by doing this kind of pooja. Those men who have little respect for their wives, I need to tell you that the Shakti in your home is your wife. She is your success. Show her love and respect. To all the ladies in 2011, stop nagging your husbands because you are losing it there. Eventually he says things he really doesn't mean and that has its effect.

And while I was meditating I asked the question, 'Oh, Lord Shiva, tell me who invented or discovered this thing called communication'. And Shiva said to me, 'My son, Shankarananda, it was women'. I asked, 'Why, Lord?' And he told me, 'How else can they complain?' So let's not nag the husbands; and the husbands must respect their wives. Before marriage, the 14 February was important, now after marriage, the delivery truck has got lost. So, please, as much as I'm making this sound like a joke, 2011 is a deciding factor in the future of every one of you. It's a serious deciding factor and only you can make the change. Some of us have to bear with our husbands, but the more you bare with them, the more divinity comes upon you. Some of you seated here, I know how wonderful you are, and your husbands aren't as wonderful as you want them to be, yet you are still wonderful to them.

We started with Ganesha and Surya today so we have union between the spouses - of love, commitment and togetherness. We'll continue this up to 2014. 2011, 2012, 2013, are the worst years. Also maybe in six or seven months time you'll find that next to Lord Shiva there'll be a lingavayanam, the female aspect of lord Shiva. I learned this in India and it makes a lot of sense so we're going to place it here. I'm trying my best to give all of you peace, and for us, collectively, to get peace around South Africa so that you are safe wherever you are going, your children are safe when they go to school and work, and your spouses are safe when they leave for work.

I'm going to give you a mantra to say nine times everyday before you leave home. It will resonate in you the whole day and you will be protected. The mantra is 'shiva shambo'. (Guru sings the mantra.) When you go to work you'll find yourself singing it mentally. When you close your eyes and say it with great intensity, with profound intense love and devotion you'll find that something will move up your spine. These are the things we're going to teach tomorrow but as you're here I'll teach them today. (Guru sings again)

If you sing it like that you will become one with Shiva. The most important aspect of this life is to merge with Shiva. I know you can do it. So many of you have been here from two o'clock this morning. That tells me that you have the determination to make it happen. I can only pray for you and remember you. If you don't turn the dial to Lotus FM you're not going to get Lotus FM. If you have the dial on East Coast Radio and expect another station, no chance. What I'm saying is: get tuned in properly. So please, just to tell you that 2011 adds up to a number four. Four is Buddhan (Mercury). It's not seated very well this year, astrologically. Nakshaktras are all missing their positions. Your rasis (stars) will all have to change. If you're a cancerian, you won't be a cancerian in a few years time. All the rasis and nakshaktras are moving.

We just have to pray pray pray. Only prayer can do it, nothing else. Hari Om.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Service 21 January 2011

Hari om.

So now we are in 2011, and we have these predictions of all these difficult times and disasters. I don't know if you went home and calculated what you are going to do about avoiding these kinds of difficulties. What steps are you going to take so that you are not a victim of these circumstances? It is all for you to decide what you want to do, and if you have our 2011 diary you'll see that 2011 is very very busy with prayer, prayer, prayer. And it's all for you, so make a point of being part of these poojas that we set at different intervals for each of you so that you are not affected much by changes in the environment with regards to disasters, chaos, accidents and other factors that you might find yourself in these times of difficulty.

Bangalore in India has the highest suicide rate in the world. Bangalore, where spirituality is first, where people are taught how to pray. And when you go to Bangalore you'll find the reason for that is there's no more spirituality. The whole of Bangalore is surrounded by western culture, tradition and other factors. You go into Bangalore, and even our Johannesburg city is nothing when it comes to their modernising. In the process we forgot how to pray and now, when we have these difficult times, we don't know who God is, and we don't know who to turn to, so we turn to ourselves. And when we turn to ourselves, suicide is the only factor because you cannot handle the stress that is happening. And in the last seven months Bangalore had the highest rate of suicide in fourteen days in the history of mankind.

This is attributed to the fact that the IT world is not going to Bangalore, that America is not importing IT specialists from Bangalore any more. Many residents of Bangalore have changed their lifestyle to that of IT specialists with two cars, modern homes and modern clothes and now, with no employment, they don't know what to do and how to turn to God. Why I use Bangalore is because it is in India and here service is offered at the ashram so that in times of difficulty and stress you don't get involved in executing yourself.

So this is the time, 2011, that you should be praying, praying and praying. Even if you know one line of anything that has God's name in it, it is worth more than all the money you have in the bank - just one line. Money in the bank cannot save you, but His name can save you. It's as simple as that. No matter what you want to call him, it doesn't really matter. Hindus have become masters in naming anything God. They will take a stone and call it Shiva, a brick and call it Maheshwara. They can take anything and call it God, and after time they revere that piece of stone as God itself and therefore this is a time for you to find that stone within yourself. Take that stone and revere it as God. And only then will you be able to come out of the disaster that is ahead of us.

Many of you seated here have your own problems. Some are strange, some unique, and many of your problems are with regard to this modern society called civilisation, materialisation and modernisation. Civilization only destroys man. Like intelligence, it only destroys man. We don't need that intelligence. We need the knowledge, to know. Intelligence is not to know. Knowledge is to know. Once you attain that state then you'll be safe in this time. And it's for you to make that change.

So today we had a special prayer for Desika because Desika will leave us to go to Cape Town to do her Masters. For the prayer we had today, I meditated so that Desika does not get mixed up with the wrong kind of people in this modern society and lose everything that she has developed up to now. That is why we did this prayer today. So that Desika can be protected by Agastiar, Shivabalayogi, Murugesu Swami and all the saints. And many of you think I don't care. I do care. That is for all of you seated here. If there is something to be done to protect you, I will do it and you will be protected.

Many of us, we make this modernisation, this so-called civilisation, everything to live by. It's not like that at all. It's all about God and God only; a beam of light from here to there with no end. It's about that; and you find that God. Find Him and hang onto Him for dear life. And you will be saved. All of you will be safe. If you came to Stanger yesterday you would've enjoyed the energy and Spirit of God. Those who came to Stanger yesterday will not stop talking about it for a long time. And God was present yesterday. Not just any God, but Muruga was present, together with Babaji who gave us the storm and the wind, the drizzle the rain, everything in one day. And when we started we could feel that presence of God.

So, when you have these opportunities, make the best of them. Don't say 'I can't find the time'. Find it. God has all the time for you. You don't have any time for you, therefore you miss out. Find the time. Find the stone within you and give it every bit of reverence you can. You will be one with God.

Hari om.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2010 Full Moon

Look at this turnout here, so low and so poor for the first pournami for 2011.

So, let me just give you some predictions as per Agasthiar, the great maharishi muni. On the 30th of December he indicated that flooding will be the first consequence of our negative aspects and input into this environment of ours. He indicated that islands will disappear totally in the flood; animals will be born with two and three heads. On the 1st of January the flooding started. Soon, just now, in a couple of days time, you’ll see in the news that an animal will be born with two heads - and it’s all because of the negative input that we place on this environment.

And the only reason I’m saying this is because we believe that our quota to pray is once a month. You come to pournami to pray and after that, its finished; or you come once a week to service and then it’s finished. Prayer should be as important as your cell phone is to you. You won’t walk out of the house without it, so why should we walk out of the house without prayer? Every moment should be a prayer moment. Like, right now we should be sitting thinking of a family member who is sick while we’re praying and their healing will start. I don’t know what you talk about during the prayer. I don’t want to know. But here we have a prediction telling us that 2011 is a disastrous year - and not by anyone, by Agasthiar, the greatest in predictions. If you go to India you’ll find him the most revered in predictions.

Some of you will have near and dear ones just leave you without notice. That is the prediction. Finances will be the lowest that you have ever had - difficult times, retrenchment. The rich will be richer the poor will be poorer. Again, in every line that he mentions he gives the statement, ‘only by prayer you will survive’. Let prayer be part of your diet. You don’t forget to eat. Just as you don’t forget to eat, don’t forget to pray. Pray every moment of your day. Wherever you are, whatever you do, let it be with prayer.

Some of us have our own offices or businesses. When you put the key in the door, open it with a prayer. When you close it, say a prayer. That is the only way you will sustain. There’s no point in coming later and saying, ‘Guru, open book,’ because I don’t open book any more. I have a computer. Only you can make the difference, because I’m going to tell you to pray. I can’t give you a potion to take three or four times a day, but I can give you a prayer to do.

No prayer is greater than the Gayathri prayer. In your kitchen, you should have a mantra box playing the Gayathri Mantra. In your car, have the mantra praying. If the mantra goes ‘narayana narayana,’ you are saying it mentally, but you have Michael Jackson instead. That is our problem. We have taught our children not to listen to religious music. If you child wants to go to the ashram you tell them to do their homework first, and the ashram can wait. I want to tell you something. With intelligence you’ll only dissect everything. Nothing is done without dissection. Knowledge is what you get here - no need to dissect anything, it’s there. You know how it works. But we want to be intelligent without knowledge. Rather be knowledgeable with intelligence. Physics say that if you put a tumbler over a burning candle, the candle will go out because the oxygen is finished. You don’t know if that is true but you accept it. The teacher can’t tell you, ‘This is oxygen’. Did anyone see oxygen? No. But we accept the fact that oxygen is what is required for combustion. In the same way I’m telling you now that prayer is required for sustenance, nothing else. You don’t require money. By prayer everything will come to you.

2011 gives you a number 4, a number of prayer. We need to pray. If you don’t pray, don’t look for me. Many of the children here grew up in this ashram. Some of the kids I’ve known for maybe four or five years, and through the ashram we’ve nurtured them to be who they are now. Do they still come to the ashram? No. Do their, parents come? No. Now they don’t need the temple. The temple nurtured them. But that very same child gets sick one day and they’re outside the temple gate looking for the guru. If you taught your child to pray properly – with dedication, devotion and love – as long as you have those three you are praying. And I pray that all of you some day will realise this truth. And when you realise it, I also pray it’s not too late because that is what happens to us. We look for things when it’s too late.

We have young daughters. Are we teaching them the right things? When we were kids there were different stores for different age groups. One for children and one for adults, but nowadays the mother wants to be like the daughter and the daughter wants to be like the mother. When they are twenty-seven they want to be teenagers. But now it’s too late. To any child the mother is a monument that is locked in its heart. And the child will follow that monument. Not the father, the mother. So if you want to get stuck in this disaster, that’s fine. From my side I’m going to try everything possible to help you.

During this year we’re going to do a Sri Chakra Maha Meru Mahayajna. Again, I’m not going to force anyone. When the date is set, if you’re here you’ll be part of the prayer. It’s only for you, not for me. To tell you frankly, I died two years ago. This is only an existence. So for me it doesn’t matter whether I die now, tomorrow, in a flood or in an accident. It doesn’t matter to me because I died already. But you are still here. Make the best of what I can give you, while you still have some knowledge. Then you’ll be here when others are gone. No disaster will get you.

You know I was telling Tammy and them yesterday. From Dubai to Durban it was like watching a movie about a plane crash. But in the movie these are just acts. Believe me, I prayed, just to see you all again. The plane was having problems with turbulence and it was going all over, out of control. People were falling out of their seats. I thought it was the last. I prayed, ‘Let me see you all for the last time’. If I can make that commitment for you, I’m sure that you can make that commitment to God.

Tomorrow is our first kavadi, at 4 o'clock in Stanger. Those of you carrying, please speak to Tejananda and make arrangements.

Hari om.