Saturday, June 27, 2015

Navagraha, Karma, Fate

To explain navagraha to you: if you’ve studied numerology then you will understand the prayer. Every 9 years your numbers are repeated and your cycle is repeated, that’s why I said that if you are a number 7 you need to do this prayer more than once. Number 7 means obstacles and difficulties are in your way. That is the first thing. If you go anywhere else they do navagraha by the book but we do it according to your own numerology, with your number, the number you are vibrating at the moment. If you are vibrating at 7 you will be attracting 7 and obstacles that will cause problems. If you are a number 1 you’ll be attracting number 1 issues like a quick temper, harsh words, badmouthing – that will be it – nothing really that will affect your journey beyond your control. But number 7 problems will affect your journey so you have to do Sani abishegam. The best time for this is on a Saturday.

If you sit or stand in front of a Sani statue and repeat, ‘I love you, I love you,’ so it becomes a mantra, then Sani will be happy. If you recite the Hanuman Chalisa in front of the Sani statue, he will also be happy and have peace. Reciting the Sani mantras does not take a long time to remove the obstacle, or fate. Karma is your destiny. But it’s your fate to suffer so that you remember God like you did today. At the beginning of the year many of you didn’t think you would remember God today. So we condition you by the calendar. We remember God today and pray to all His forms in the planets and ask for some relief in our difficult times.

With karma you can’t come to do navagraha and expect 50% of your karma to be gone. There’s no such thing. With karma you have to work at it. Karma is not financial difficulties. Being murdered, getting married, that’s karma, because your whole life will change.

Karma has nothing to do with fate. It is accumulation and there are 4 kinds of karma. I’m not going into them but all of that must be cleared, those reserves must be cleared. We have a lifelong fixed deposit, a 2-year fixed deposit, a 12-month fixed deposit and a 32-day call account. The call account can happen to you every day of your life. 1 year and 2 year karma comes in time. Your lifelong karma will be there like a mirror looking at you continuously. Karma has nothing to do with navagraha or fate. Many priests make you believe that by doing navagraha your karma is reduced. There’s no such thing. If that were true then none of you would be here because you are my karma. I would do navagraha every day. The fact that you are sitting here is your karma. You could be deejaying somewhere in a nightclub on this Saturday night.

I am praying that whatever you prayed for or requested will be fulfilled. Whether you want a new factory, machine or car, I pray that it will be fulfilled.

Hari Om.