Saturday, October 18, 2014

Navagraha and angels

Hari Om.
To tell you what we did today: we prayed that all your nakshaktras from Ashwini to Ravita are satisfied. We prayed to all the planets, and to Ganesha, and asked them to please help us with obstacles, and then we prayed to Mother Gayathri. Above all this we prayed to every master who existed before our time and who exists now. We even prayed to the ascendant saints who guide us daily. Daily we have a saint watching us continually. That’s why there's a saying: "If you're driving, don’t drive faster than your angel can keep up". Your angel is always there. Even the Moslem Koran was given to Mohammed by Gabriel who is an angel. And 30 years after that they revised the Koran to what it is today. The original Koran was given by Gabriel.

We all have angels. Many of you must have had experienced that sometimes you turn around because it feels like somebody moved past you. But we can only see them at a certain angle. Our eyes are not trained to see that dimension. We are only trained to see this dimension and we can't see beyond it. But sometimes you'll turn around quickly and you can see into that dimension for a second. Your angel is with you 24/7. We talk about our biological clock. Actually, it's your angel who gets you up in the morning. Once somebody actually shook me to get up. That’s your angel.

To all of you, we sit here, do the pooja, eat the food and go home. We don’t know that behind the scenes there is Rajen. He doesn't actually belong to the Gayathri Peedam, but one phone call to him and he’s here to cook supper for us – and he doesn’t charge us a cent. He says, "That’s for the Mother". He’s our lifesaver. He always comes, sits there, prepares the food, and then leaves.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Music gives you life


Om bhur bhuva swaha. Om tat savitur varenyum. Bhargo devasya dhimahee. Dhoyo yonaha prachodayat.

If we go to the Srimad Bhagavatam, cantor 12 (I pray that everyone of you sometimes read that), it talks about the youth of this present day. And what they say about the youth of the present day is very true. To defeat what is said there we have the Munian brothers who have collected all these youth, trained them and kept them off the streets with this beautiful music we heard now.

There's a thing called 'bhakti' - what is bhakti? It is devotion, dedication and discipline. If you have the discipline, devotion is easy to attain. But if you don't have the discipline you're going to lose the devotion and dedication. And today the Munian bros have allocated this day for Mother Sarashwati, the mother of wisdom, the mother of music, the mother of learning, and if you look at the picture of Mother Saraswathi she has a nadi in her left hand, a nadi is palm leaves on which the wise words of the great masters have been written. And one of the great masters who has written a lot about music is none other than Agasthiar Kumbamuni, the great saint of South India. Agasthiar said, as Shakespeare said, "Music gives you life". Without music there's no life. The continuous vibration in our body is music, and with music we are existing here, so music is life. And in that music we can enjoy that union and the highest level of yoga. The highest level of yoga is music - not the asana - music is the highest level because it is the easiest way to have this union with God and God alone.

We must have a guru, and both the brothers (I've met them personally) have done an excellent job making these children aware of that divine Mother Saraswathi. We all need to worship this mother because the constant vibration in our body - the beating of the heart, the breathing, the prana we breathe continuously - is based on music. In badranatam the breathing is more important than poses and postures. That's what Saraswathi is about - attaing the hghest goal on the material plane. And right now the whole material plane is in such dissaray that we have to get these young children into our fold and take them on the journey of spirituality through music. 

As I stand here, I pray that each one of you, before you leave, make a pledge to the Munian brothers to support them. The Gayathri Peedam will make the first pledge of R2500 towards their India trip. Saraswathi is that unique purity, and you will find that during navarathri you have a yellow sari, a red sari, and a white sari. That white sari says that you have attained the state of purity, and that purity can be attained by Saraswathi alone. Yoga is Saraswathi. Saraswathi is music. And the greatest union with God is through music.

Hari Om.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The greatest form of worship is Anbu

Discourse after business pooja

Any pooja done during this constellation (all of the planets being in Rahu), if done during ekadasi, amavasa or pournami, will be effective and override these planets. I pray that comes to you in a positive manner and that each one of you prosper from here onwards. What you saw today I don’t think I’ll be able to repeat. If I could do it again I would but I don’t think I can because this is the last of this kind of prayer that we can do. Therefore I’m praying that this prayer brings some success, joy, peace and harmony into your life.

All those with a crystal maha meru, please wear it. If you’re not going to wear it then give it back to me. It is very important that you wear it. Those who didn’t get one make sure that you have that kavicham, the silver or copper plate. The silver one must be worn around your neck – the side with your name on must touch your skin, the other side with the numbers must face out. You can bath with it, you can swim with it but you can’t lose it. Don’t even think about coming and telling me if you lose it. You’re not allowed to lose it. It must be on you all the time. The copper one can be placed in your wallet. You will see the difference in a few days in your prosperity. Just enjoy that difference.

Whenever you have the free time just call Mother Lakshmi’s name continuously and you’ll see that she will be at your side immediately. This is from my experience. I recite Gayathri, Lakshmi and Saraswathi mantras continuously and they have all been there with me, helping me heal many of you. I can’t heal you, the healing comes from the Divine. I am only the instrument. If you go to the doctor, the syringe can’t heal you without the doctor using it on you. I am like that syringe. I am void, nothing – but when the day is here to heal you, you will be healed. I’m sure some of you felt the divine energy resonating around you. You might feel light-headed or weak. That comes from Mother Gayathri. 

In the quest for peace there’s continuous war. Our bodies all work in the same way. Mentally, all of you are looking for peace, and in that process you create conflict in your body. All kinds of diseases are created in the body and when these are created they start to affect all the systems in the body. The easiest and best way to fight this is to continuously think about God, and God alone. You’ve just started the early stages of destruction in this material plane, and much more destruction will follow. In fact, in a couple of months there will be a great destruction and during that time praying to God is no good, wanting God is no good, requesting from God is no good. To prevent that you need to take precautions now and continuously inflict yourself with God’s name. And once you can do that you can be protected from all kinds of calamities, all kinds of destruction, all kinds of pain, and walk this spiritual path peacefully without any conflict or war within your self.

The constant vibration in your body is what creates the auric field around your body. During times of conflict that constant vibration of the molecules and atoms in your body becomes weak and eventually will be destroyed. Once that happens you have a state of depression. Sometimes this will take you to the lowest ebb in your life. But by continually remembering God’s name, the vibrations and molecules of the body are kept and maintained at the best possible frequency. The only mass is this body because of the atoms in your body, but you are the beginning of a single atom, a single molecule – you started with one molecule, one single atom. And by multiplying you have become a destructive machine that not only destroys the self but also destroys other selves around you. This is a time that you should all stay away from any negative trend that might bring down your auric field, your magnetic field, and that might cause for you severe states of depression.

It is God’s will that you live a pure and spiritual life. You have unwilled God’s will. You don’t live a pure and spiritual life. And because of that you are where you are now in all these depressive states, these painful states, these grieving states that will destroy you eventually. Let your destruction come from the Divine. Do not let it come from the mind. The mind is the destroyer of everything that exists, manifest or unmanifest. The mind is the destroyer of all relationships, the destroyer of all wealth, of the greater self. But by remembering God continuously, that state will never exist, or be able to exist under the vibration of God’s name. So what is the name of God? Call God whatever you want. If you can take a stone, place it somewhere in your field and call it God; if you can take a coconut place it somewhere and call it God; then you have the power of calling God by any name you desire. You might say, “Well, I am a Hindu therefore my God is Shiva ... my God is Parvati ... Vishu ... Krishna ... Ram." Call him or her whatever you want. At the end it is they are all the same universal God called Love or Anbu.

The greatest form of worship is through Anbu. After Anbu everything else comes into worship. If you don’t have a speck of Anbu in your worship your prayers will never be answered. That is one of the reasons that you may be praying daily, often, continuously – but without Anbu nothing exists. Even the relationship between 2 people exist because of Anbu. Between father and son; son and mother; daughter and son; daughter and mother – they exist because of Anbu. It is very important to understand that Anbu is the centre of this body that we call the universe, and you are that universe. You will always be that universe. You need to remember this continuously in your life. You need to remember God continuously in your life. God is love. Love is God. It is mentioned in the great book, Thiravasakum, that God is Love and Love is God. Read and understand all this.

Today is the most beautiful day. Today cannot be repeated. It will never be repeated because today cannot be tomorrow. The thidi, the nakshaktra, the yogum, the karuna – they all are so beautiful today that whatever you request today you will get. You have come at the right time to heal yourself, your finance, your relationship. Whatever it is, today is the best day for it so enjoy this day, enjoy this moment, enjoy this now. For this now is not going to be repeated again, ever. This now is this moment here as we sit, as you stand. Enjoy it. Enjoy it from the deepest self, from that single atom. Enjoy it until you attain the state of union with God. And once you attain that state, there’s nothing more to enjoy but just to live in it. Living in it is equal to enjoying it. Be prepared to make that change. Be prepared to understand that you have to change. Be prepared that you have to extend Anbu to everyone you meet. That it is the greatest aspect of this material and cosmic plane – you are no different from everybody else. You are exactly like everybody else. It is the way you think that makes you different. If all of you thought the same way you wouldn't be different at all. There would not be arguments, abuse, fighting or war. We see each one as opposite to us and that is not true.

Hari Om.