Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mudras and diet

The hand movements we did this morning are for the different aspects of Muruga, Babaji and Agasthiar. We did the peacock mudra, the same one for Mahavishna and for Garuda. We did the Ganesha mudra, then you tapped your head; the shivaling mudra with the thumb sticking out, the sankh mudra, the gnana mudra, and the chin mudra. Mudras are important. Every time you do a mudra it activates organs in your body. Every mudra activates a specific organ. The chin mudra activates the pineal grand, and the gnana mudra does too. If you do it for long enough you’ll feel like something is flowing down your brain – it’s a secretion from the pineal gland. It’s the same with the toes. If you desperately want to get pregnant, then massage just below the ankle on both the feet. If you over-activate it you’ll end up having two at one time.

God has given us every remedy in our body and in nature. Have you heard of Mangosteen? It is very good to keep you slim. Here’s a nice simple diet for you.
For one whole week, 7 days, have no rice, no bread, no butter, no salt, no dressing, nothing. Just have salad only for breakfast, lunch and supper, as much salad as you want, until you’re full. Then for 3 weeks eat whatever you want. Then one week eat salad only. Eventually you’ll be having salad for 3 weeks. During the 7 days have no salt, no rice, no bread – just salad. Rinse your canned beans nicely to get rid of salt and any preservatives, and put them in your salad. Don’t use salad dressing because there’s salt in it. In one week you can lose up to 500g. For some people you wont see it, unfortunately, but after a few kilograms you’ll notice.

Hari Om.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Find union with Paramshiva

Due to the changes in human behavior, the arrogance of human nature, and the attitude in this human form towards God, much turbulence is going to be experienced. And those turbulences are because of your total disrespect for the supreme gift called Mother Earth, even to you, by that supreme almighty Paramashiva. The time has come for man to now start analyzing and retracting from the advances that he made in this material plane, and in that process destroying what the Supreme has given to him in the form of Mother Nature.

You are responsible for your own destruction. And you are also responsible for your own retraction. It is you who can make the difference and save this beautiful gift given to us by Paramshiva Himself. If each one of you get together collectively and do things that are positive towards this earth plane or Bhoomadevi, you will find that you can reconstruct this beautiful gift of God given to you by Paramshiva himself.

As one of the devotees said, ‘ignorance is bliss’. If that were true then all yogis and masters who are in a total state of bliss are stupid because they are ignorant of everything else. Do not even use that line ‘ignorance is bliss’. By using that line and being ignorant you have robbed the earth to this stage, the destruction will become inevitable and you will all become victims. Try to save something that’s given to you by that supreme energy Paramshiva himself. And do what is necessary in your daily life to save what is yours by the word of the almighty Paramshiva.

The sapta rishis cannot go on protecting you and giving you all the oxygen you need to live on this plain. This is a journey that you need to take and make a committed spiritual journey. Your ascendance from this plane should be a joyous one. And you can only make it joyous if you satisfy the requirements of Bhoomadevi, Mother Earth, the great gift given to you by the supreme Lord Paramshiva himself. He is not Shiva that you know. Paramshiva is that energy that lies beyond the sun, beyond your faculty of imagination. And that energy is all that you require through constant meditation to attain the state of bliss.

You destroy this earth by building all kinds of towering buildings, making concrete jungles. The only difference between a concrete jungle and a real jungle is that in a real jungle you find life, in a concrete jungle you don’t find life. It’s a total rat race. And in that process you forget what is due from you to keep this beautiful earth plane, Bhoomadevi, the gift from Paramshiva, intact and calm.

You’ve heard of how two earthquakes happened within 14 days of each other in the same country, the same city. As much as many people say, ‘But why can’t you predict the exact date?’ If that were so then where would the people go? They can still not hide from what is due to them.

This is what I have to say to each one of you: enjoy this plane, this earth plane, to the best of your ability without destroying it. The more you destroy it, the more you’re cutting off your hands, and the less you can do later in life. Paramshiva is that great energy, that supreme energy, which even you cannot exist without. You live in that Shiva in this body, with the atma within you, that is part of this great Paramatma – and you can find that divine union with Paramshiva if you meditate properly and do the right things on the spiritual journey.

So you should start as soon as possible to save what you have around you. And it will slowly spread. There is no way you can build up again the ozone layer that is missing. But whatever you have now you can keep it if you do the right things. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pray every day

There is always a time in our lives when we need God most. Every individual, whether rich or poor, happy or sad, sometime in their life will have to seek and find this somewhere. And right now the time is for all human beings to seek out this Andavar by whatever name you might Him or Her: Shiva, Muruga, Vishnu, Gayathri, Duruga, Kali. The time, the moment, is now. It is now for you to experience and seek this great energy that has been encircling this institute for the last 3 weeks and giving the devotees the highest form of darshan. What has taken place in the last 3 weeks is a mystery in many of the minds of those were present. But even though it was something you cannot contain within yourself, you have enjoyed every moment. It is sad to note that many have not come to take this darshan, this diksha that was given in the last 3 days here at this ashram.

God is not a once-a-month aspect of your lives. God is not a once-a-week aspect of your lives. God should be a daily aspect of your life. Actually, at least once in a day, you should be talking to somebody else, another individual, about God. And you should get to that state where you can talk about God to somebody without feeling any kind of discomfort. Many of you think that if you discuss God among your friends and colleagues at work, they will look down upon you. Something you need to understand: the highest form of any entity, the highest energy of any entity, the highest for any entity is that of God. And if you can talk about God you will get closer to God and eventually experience what it is to be God-like. It is the most beautiful and marvelous experience that each one of you can attain. Through the grace of your guru and God, through the grace of the energy present here, you can take this energy and go home and you can experience this energy.

Many of you have forgotten God but have come to places like this just to overcome the guilt within you. God should be a daily entity in your life and at least once in your day you should be talking with somebody else about this great, super energy called God. And then only can you say that you are doing some kind of divine work. Instead of standing around and talking about things that will not give you any kind of prosperity but will come back to bite you like a boomerang. Why do you like that kind of pain? And at that moment you’ll be the first one to blame God for your downfall. God has not helped you, God has not shown you the way, God has not directed you. I have been praying for so long and yet not one day, not yet have you been able to pray properly. It is not the duration of the prayer. It is the intensity of your dedication, and the total intensity of your discipline. Have you got all 3? Are you so well disciplined that without missing, without failing, you do your duty towards God? Have you got that kind of devotion and dedication that nothing will move you if you have to do God’s work? Or do you just get up in the morning, stand outside, look at the sun, say your surya japa, do your offering and once that’s finished you’ve forgotten about God? Is that your dedication, your devotion?

Why is it that when you worship Sri Hanuman you worship him on just one day a week? Why is it if you worship Sri Muruga it’s just for a period? Why when you worship Lord Shiva do you make the greatest effort at Shivarathri? Is that devotion? Is that dedication? Is that discipline? Shiva should be worshiped every day of your life? If you really want to observe Shivarathri you should observe it for 12 months. There is one every month that you should observe. It’s the same with Muruga, You shouldn’t restrict worship of Muruga to just some times. It should be continuous. It’s the same with Hanuman. If you’re worshiping then worship continuously, and then you’ll see how God will always have His hands out to you and you’ll always be holding onto His hand and having no kind of difficulty.

So the time has come for you to seek God. Seek him properly. And once you see God hold him tight. Do not for one moment release him. And you’ll find every bit of joy, every bit of love, every bit of happiness. Don’t disregard your prayers. When you pray it should be to God at all times. Then you will understand this life better.