Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Message 2015

In the radiance of Babaji, in the light of  my gurus and in the glory of Christ, fortunately or unfortunately this is going to be the last namaste for 2014. If 2014 was disastrous for you then 2015 is coming to you like a tornado. Right up to 2019 we’re going to have a period of depression in all aspects of our lives. We might think we have everything in this life, all the finances, but there’s one thing we keep forgetting as human beings that no matter how much wealth we have, if we don’t have the health then the wealth is worth nothing. We’re going to get many new conditions and diseases affecting us, including in South Africa. Many things we’ve never experienced before we will experience in the next 4 years. The only answer or solution to this is continuous prayer, worship and belief that God exists.

I don’t know how many of you believe in or experience the Divine but I’m going to tell you a small story that happened about 3 weeks ago. I’m sure all of you heard of those children in the Middle East in Pakistan, who were killed. There’s a story of a young boy who couldn’t get up that morning because his alarm didn’t go off. He is the only survivor in the school. It is by the grace of God that he was not there. No child on a Monday morning misses school. He must have prayed very hard in his life to be spared another chance. In the same way, you need to believe strongly that God exists, God is here and God created you in his image and therefore we should be somewhat perfect in everything we do or believe.

God is the unique energy that gives you 2 types of living: lower living and higher living. As you sit here you are in lower living, sitting in the material plane and material aspects. In higher living you are living in the self – the inner self, the cosmic and divine self. And you will experience things higher than those on the lower plane. This is God’s play and we sometimes get caught in his whirlwind of jokes and sometimes fall from the highest to the lowest. Then we blame God when we are caught there because we got caught in the material aspect of life. No pleasure comes without pain.

So 2015 is going to see tsunamis, massive earthquakes and volcanoes, many near and dear to you just being taken away by the violence of this material plane and the environment. Again, to overcome this, only prayer is a comfort. Nothing else is going to help you. Some of you sitting here believe in one thing and do something else. Find a guru and hold onto his feet for dear life. He’s the only one who is going to show you the light. Without him you will be in total darkness. And that darkness is total ignorance, no knowledge. I am not your guru. I don’t intend to be your guru. I’m just an instrument and I will just direct you to where you have to go.

2015 is going to come with many surprises and disappointments – especially to the congregation of the Gayathri Peedam, but you need to believe and know at this time that you have brought this upon yourselves. God was not instrumental in your 2014 disappointments. You are instrumental in every aspect of your disappointments. And you need to do a divine accounting of yourselves and everything that you have done for 2014 and see if your good is better than your bad or your bad is better than your good. Double standards are not becoming of a spiritual being and you are all spiritual beings.

You need to get out of that and do what is right, and that is to find God within yourself. And once you find God within yourself everything in front of you will not be like a maya, an illusion, but will be total reality of every aspect of the Divine. You need to understand that. You need to know that and to live by that. And in living by that you will stand up in this sick society, you will stand out to give advice, to heal, and above all, you’ll stand out to direct the path to God to whoever you talk to. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says, “He who preaches my work continuously is dear to me”. And what is Krishna’s work? It is God’s work. So it is time for us all to be dear to God. And to be dear to God we have to continuously live in the realm of God, speak in the realm of God, and give in the realm of God. We need to give more than we take. And when I say 'give' I mean that we need to give so that other people around you can be comfortable as well. We live a very selfish life and in that we have created this situation in the world presently.

Have you ever wondered why, in this very modern electronic nuclear time, planes can go down? We have never heard of it occurring in the last 25 years as commonly as it does now. We are doing something wrong. And the plane crash that happened recently was predicted on that Sunday night and on Monday the plane disappeared. It’s not a good way to go. Why would God do such a thing? We could say that God is angry, but we could also say that God is teaching us a lesson. Every disaster we go through should be a lesson learned. But I think that, as human beings, we just live the disaster for 15 days and then forget about it until the next one – and that’s how we live. If we can forget such a disastrous thing so quickly, how can we have God at the back of our mind continuously? We can do it only by practice. And if we don’t practice we’re not going to have Him at the time of death. 

Krishna says that we must call His name at the time of death to achieve liberation, moksha. If you don’t remember His name in your lifetime, how are you going to remember it when you are dying? If you call it continuously then at the time of death you’ll call it too. Try to practice calling God’s name. Once you practice calling God’s name you will live by that name, you will sleep by that name, walk by that name and die by that name. But we cannot call God continuously because we're caught up in this material plane. And in this material plane all that matters is to show our physical self as an identity of our successes. What we wear, the name brand we wear, shows our success on this plane. Yet when you are spiritually inclined the only name brand that sticks to you is God’s name brand? And what is that? It is to be walking about like a pauper. He has no trademark. No one can say that Jesus Christ is only for Christians, there’s no TM after his name. No one can say that Ganapathi is only for Ganesha worshippers. You can sleep in peace, wake up in peace and walk in peace. Nothing on this material plane will ever bother you if you have God’s name in your mind all the time. You will live a life of non-existence on the material plane. That is how God works and how he works when you remember him continuously.

2015 is not going to be a good year at all so enjoy the few hours you have left of 2014 and remember them. You might not believe this but when you are experiencing it, as Suganiya came to me and said, ‘There’s going to be a tsunami’. So believe it’s going to happen and it will happen. Don’t think it won’t affect you. It will affect everybody. So, in the name of God almighty, whatever you want to call Him in sincerity, He will work for you by that name. The Hindus are very unique. They’ll pick up a stone from the beach, take it home and call it God for the rest of their lives. And from that something happens. Whatever you put in you’ll get out. It you believe that stone contains God then you’ll find God in it. If you see God in a banyan tree then God will exist in it for you. It is for you to believe there is a unique energy out there. When Jesus came he said, “Our father who art in heaven”. He is talking about that energy that only he could see and enjoy. Everyone else followed the emperor until the messiah came and he said this is the way we should live – and this is what God’s work is.

So 2014 here it goes, 2015 almost to come. Enjoy. May God be with you in the radiance of Babaji, in the light of my gurus, and in the glory of Christ, may 2015 for you be filled with light, with knowledge and with joy.
Hari om.