Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Predictions

I want you all to change in 2012. Its' a leap year so you can't get married – at least you don't have to think about that. You can think about God instead. Before we continue with bhajan I've got predictions for 2012. If you remember clearly, in 2011 on the 31 December I predicted that a prominent politician would pass on in 2011. Three days ago I was worried that prediction hadn't come through, but Rajbansi didn't want to let me down. These predictions are given not by me but by the masters.

Those who follow my predictions remember them and remind me. This is true. Even when Japan had a problem, 'Shoka reminded me that I had mentioned it.

These are the 2012 predictions: fires, houses will burn, forests will burn, everything around you will burn, fire everywhere. Earthquakes in regions that you never imagined, volcanoes dormant for a long time will become active and many lives will be lost. The financial sector will make errors with great losses to individuals and government. There will be lots of misunderstanding between countries. Bank robberies, ongoing stock market problems, another tsunami around mid-year, earthquakes in May and June, and tense situations between African countries. There will be new epidemics without any cure. Countries, especially South Africa will be in political chaos. Disaster awaits the whole world. So take this and do what you have to do.

We at the Gayathri Peedam always have anti-missiles for these missiles. We have poojas in place so that you are not affected as individuals. So please, they are not very good predictions, worse than last year, it's up to you to take heed and do the right things.

So, you have basically one full day to enjoy the rest of the year. Do what you want to do - it's 2012 the next day. So when I see you tomorrow I'll say, 'see you next year', but you must be different people. Make the change so that none of these things can effect you. Fires are not specific to countries. They can be anywhere. You know, I think we are all fortunate that we have Swami Murugesu, Agasthiarmuni, Bhogar Maharishi, Sivabalayogi and Kriya Babaji.

I'll tell you a small story. I had a dream the other night and in the dream Swami Murugesu was giving me instructions about a specific devotee who is very close to me, and how he should not make his stairway where he so desires it. And the reason he gave me was, should there be a fire, there's no way they would be able to escape downstairs. You are very very fortunate that you have such masters to guide you. What you need to do is to enjoy the masters, follow every bit of their instructions one hundred percent, and see how good your life is.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Swami's Christmas Message

Dearest immortal souls of these troubled times.

As we honour the birth of the Christ Consciousness in the form of the beloved Lord Jesus, may your heart be uplifted anew by the joy and hope so strongly felt during this sacred season. The joy of this sacred season of Christ’s birth opens our hearts to feel a new blessing that this glorious victory has brought to multitudes through the centuries. The coming of such great ones, who purely reflect God’s light, strengthens our faith so that we too can experience a re-birth from a matter-bound existence to the limitless nature of our souls. We behold in them our own infinite potential to expand our consciousness and manifest in our individual lives and our relationship with God’s goodness and love. Our souls respond to this triumph over all human limitations because it stirs within us the dormant knowing of our infinite, immortal nature.

Within every human being dwells the glorious, ever-loving image of God. Through the lives of such great ones, as the Lord Jesus, in whom God’s omnipotence and divinity are fully revealed, God calls each of us to resurrect ourselves from anything that impedes the expression of the immanence of this limitless power and blessings, from an ego- and matter-bound existence to the unbounded divine qualities and bliss of Spirit. Though centuries have come and gone since Jesus was born the power of His example and His omnipresent love continues to transform receptive souls. He, too, lived in a time of much turmoil, but He showed us how to respond divinely – to so attune ourselves with the Heavenly Father that we can feel for all as He does, that we can rise above the dualities of this world to find peace in this and be a giver of love and peace to others.

By dwelling on Christ’s life and striving to emulate the qualities He expressed, you will open your heart to absorb more deeply the spirit manifest in Him and all God-united souls. The strength that upholds the universe filled His being, yet even greater was His humility, which allowed Him to perfectly express God’s will and His love. As long as we live within the confines of our ego’s needs and opinions, we easily create barriers that separate us from God and from one another. But when we think less of ourselves we become more receptive to His wisdom - in all the ways it comes to us, thus expanding our understanding and compassion. Christ was free of any need for position or recognition. He sought only to serve and, by doing the same we can know as He did, the joys of giving. Jesus saw the divine in everyone, even in those who had erred, for He looked beyond their human flaws to see the true SELF.

Every outreaching act enlarges our consciousness, but it is by going into the temple of silence where restless thoughts and emotions subside that we can fully experience the ‘peace that surpasseth all understanding,’ - the infinite love Christ felt – the love by which God is drawing all souls back to Him. If you preserve what I tell you, you can attain ‘a communion of unutterable sweetness with infinite Grace, the indescribable glory, the eternal protection.’ That is the priceless gift God offers to us this Christmas season. May this be the beginning of a joyous soul-awakening time.

Merry Christmas to all!!

From speech at Christmas in India Fundraising Dinner Extravaganza.