Thursday, April 25, 2013

The power of the Gayathri Mantra

Tonight is Chithirai Pournami. The full moon is in Jupiter, which means disaster. In Bangladesh a complete building collapsed. 157 were killed. All these things are happening around us: bombing, fighting, killing, and the prediction is that by the end of May we'll have more disasters, and many of us, many people will be affected by the disasters.

Reciting the Gayathri Mantra 108 times every day between 7 and 9 pm, gives you full protection against all this. I'm telling you this because between 7 and 9 is a convenient time. Somehow we are free at that time. It'll only take you fifteen minutes to do 108 mantras. You must not rush it, but say it with its full vibration. Every word has a vibration, and in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna also says, “Of all the sounds, I am the vibration of OM”. John, in the Bible said that “In the beginning there was the word, and the word is with God and the word is God”.  That vibration we need to create so we don't go and rush the mantra 108 times, and finish in ten minutes.

Recite the Gayathri Mantra with its full vibration. You will have the protection of the Divine Mother, of Lord Shiva, and I say this in the rays of Babaji, and in the light of my guru. I've experienced it and  I tell you, any protection you want you'll get. It has 24 tatvas, 24 states of protection, 24 key points of your body. If we recite it properly we will feel the vibration within ourselves. You've heard everybody reciting, but if you recite it the way Swami Murugesu recites it you'll have the full impact of the mantra. I say this in the radiance of Babaji and in the light of my guru. I'm asking you to do this for your own protection.

Let's take Cliffie,  from Wyebank, for example. To have been hijacked fifteen times and still able to sit in the mandir here, is not anyone else's protection but the Divine Mother. Fifteen times. He even beat the cat. The cat still has to come back another time to beat him.

The Gayathri Mantra is the most powerful mantra. I've used it, experimented with it, and experienced the Gayathri Mantra. Because of the power, I'm going to tell you of a small incident that happened recently. Many people will say that I'm just telling a story.

Because Nereen also recites the mantra, it protects all her family. Her son was traveling from Jo'burg to Durban, and we were traveling from Durban to Jo'burg. I was in Pietermaritzburg at Vishnu, when Nereen phoned to say that her son had had an accident and was somewhere in a ditch, and asked if we could find him on the way. So we drove while Nereen was relaying where he was, but she was relaying it like she was reading the map upside down, and we were looking on the wrong side. We ended up in Mooi River, at the toll plaza and we waited there and had something to eat.

The tow truck brought Nereen's son and his vehicle there. Some of the devotees checked the car and changed the tyres so he could drive. And the other devotees said, “Come, let's go”. I think, because of the mantra I said let's wait for Nereen's husband, Heera, to come, but her son kept telling us to carry on. We waited anyway. At that time there were only black people around, they were violent- and aggressive-looking, spinning their car wheels and everything. Anyway, we got robbed. This is not the story. They robbed us of our keyboard, all Karl's clothes, and Lalitha's clothes. That's why they are praying so hard together there. They burglars broke the trailer and took everything. It didn't bother me so much. We were not going to look in the township for the keyboard. Heera came, and his son was safe, but on the way to Jo'burg, I kept saying how lucky we were. This kid would've been gang-raped by those guys. And then I understood that his safety was because of the Gayathri Mantra recited by his family.

The most important lesson of this story is please do not text when you are driving. Your cell phone should be under your seat, not even on the seat. That is what caused the accident. He wasn't even texting his mother. We won't go there. With all that being said, and we're laughing about it, that is the power of the Gayathri Mantra.

I can go to the doctor and know that I've checked my sugar and blood pressure, and they are high and the doctor is going to give me a hard time. So I recite the Gayathri Mantra while I'm on the treadmill, and then the doctor says, “You're fine”. Understand that we have this cosmic meditation called the Gayathri Mantra, Let's use it. Let us live life to the fullest in the Gayathri Mantra.

Recite the Gayathri Mantra. Find the time. Don't think you can recite in the car with your beads in your bag while talking. That's not recital. You must find the place. Make an appointment with that place daily. Recite the Gayathri Mantra. Feel the impact, know the impact.  It is armour-plating for yourself, your personal amulet. Our guru has given it to us for no cost. But we don't use it. The only time we remember God is when we're in trouble. When you're walking and kick the table you say, “Oh my God!” But if you didn't kick the table you wouldn't have said that. Only when you're in pain - no other time.

There is also an article by American scientist Dr. Howard Steingeril of the Hamurg University, who collected mantras, hymns and invocations from all over the world. It is alleged that Dr Steingeril concluded that the Vedic Gayathri Mantra is the most rewarding, that it produces 100 000 sound waves per second. He claims that the mantra "develops a sacred and focused psyche, grants eight forms of siddhis (spiritual powers), nine forms of niddhis (spiritual attributes), and several subsets of these called riddhis. It allows one to positively influence the environment and use divine energy for the welfare of the world, removes ignorance, infirmity and adequacy, develop feelings of peace, an interest in noble deeds, and initiates the ability to transfer spiritual energy to others". He also suggests that we recite the Gayathri Mantra 108 times daily, and it is claimed that the Gayathri Mantra is now being broadcast every day for 15 minutes from 7pm onwards on Radio Paramaribo in South America and also in Holland, to benefit the listeners.

You must have God as a constant vibration – total surrender. You must have a profound innate desire to love God. Every one of you seated here know the meaning of love, but Divine love you don't know, because you only know it in the physical. You don't know it by cosmic vibration. Annbu shivam shivam anbu. God is love and love is God. That's what the Shaivites say. I'm telling you to take the Gayathri Matnra, find the time, not for three hours - you are busy people. But when you have problems you're not too busy for God. When you've got trouble you'll sit for hours. The complete mantra is called the Savithri Mantra. Gayathri means the mantra has three lines. We have Ganesha Gayathri, Mahavishnu Gayathri, the complete mantra is called the Savithri Mantra.

I only want the best for you. When I go to India I've never prayed for myself. I only pray for you, and sometimes when I think that you need it most, I phone you or send you an SMS to fast on a certain day – for you – because I'm doing a prayer for you at a certain temple. Everything I do for you is for you to live a good life. I'm asking you to recite the Gayathri Mantra and cement that good life – and see how good you feel.

Hari om and God bless you.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kali Shrine Foundation Pooja

Kali worship is emotional. This is how it is. Many believe we have to slaughter for Kali, but we don't have to. The sacrifice they talk about in the Bhagavad Gita, is your sacrifice, of your mind, your blind thoughts, not any animal. If Kali wanted animal sacrifice, how come she has human skulls around her neck and not animal skulls? That means you must sacrifice your thoughts.

Today is only 1/100th of the complete Kali pooja. The other stages will come, the 52 days are even stronger than this. You'll be crying almost every night. It starts at your muludhara chakra and works its way up. You won't even know about it. If  you feel like crying, don't think you're going off your head. That is Kali. 

The reason Deepak is dressed like this is because Deeps is in charge of the Kali shrine. He is in negotiation with the contractors. I don't speak to anybody. Because of that he needs to be the head of this Kali shrine. I don't want any of you to feel bad. Deepak is in charge. Once the Kali shrine is up, as far as Port Shepstone you will feel the energy, for a 200km radius. Roy said a 200km altitude too. Even if a plane is going over Verulam it'll be affected. You will find this energy, you will feel it.

If you have a problem, just sit and think about this shrine and you'll find that your problem passes away without another day's problem. This is the power of the Kali shrine. The one we're constructing is very unique. This here is a solid gold chakra that will be installed in the ground. After this some sand will be put over it, and then we'll set a kalsa with two other chakras: a Kali chakra and a Sri chakra. After that we have to set another eight kalsas in the foundation. As soon as we're finished the eight kalsas we'll pour over the concrete. That's another prayer, but not as big as this one. Once that's done then we do what we call a Kali Vidya foundation prayer, that is, attaining the power of Kali. Once that is finished we'll put up the stainless steel structure. It will be put up in one week. The shrine area will be closed so no one can see inside. As soon as I get a date from Gurukul we will install the Kali murthi. Once she's installed we'll complete the finishing of the shrine, with glass all around. Just the front will be open but the sides will be glass so wherever you sit you'll still have a view of Kali. You can sit in front and meditate. A special removable structure will be put up so you can sit and meditate on your own.

Some of you have given me different gold bangles and jewellery. If there's anyone here who wants to put any broken gold, or any gold in here, to go into the foundation, you may do so now. The mother needs a bangle, here we have a bangle from Mrs Mahabeer. A ring: the Mother needs a ring. An earring in gold: the Mother needs this. The Mother needs this chain around her neck. Everything is in the foundation because it's an open temple. When I say 'open', I mean that we're not around all the time to watch the gold. Anyone can come and meditate and the gold can be very tempting so it will all be sealed in the foundation. This chakra is for you all, especially the businesspeople. It's a Kubera Lakshmi chakra that will be put inside the foundation. So we know what we're doing. Any questions?

To those who don't understand: who is mother Kali?
Mother kali is the energy that protects us continually, against any evil misdoings, misfortunes, anything negative that might cause a problem for you, Mother Kali will protect you – that's her energy. These forms are just for us so we have a point of focus. Kali is beyond any form. Not so long ago, on the Wednesday before Good Friday, Seelan was very sick so I took him to the doctor, then to the chemist for medication. He was weak so I told him to sit in Mugg and Bean to rest. When I came out I saw Anne Cowan and her mother, Ginny. They saw Seelan and joined us at the table. She said, “tomorrow we start the first day of our prayer”.  I asked her what they  do. She said “We wash the feet”. We do the exact same thing at the temple, just in a different way.

This might be Mother Kali to the Hindus; the Catholics might call her Mother Mary, the Buddhists, Kunya Ma, other people call her Tara Mata. Whatever you want to call her, this is the Mother. She's just third in line from Gayathri. The highest is Gayathri. If you don't have these protections, you won't be able to handle the protection Gayathri might give you. This is another kind of energy. So let us now have everything out of our heads, all your problems. Think of whatever you want, whatever this energy has to give to us, be open to it. Don't ask for the lotto. That won't work. Say, “Whatever the mother wants to give, I am open to,” and you will get it, no matter what your thoughts are. Before we start we'll do the Kali abishegam, bathing the Mother in nectar.

The Mother and Babaji have their own way of doing things, and in the radiance of Babaji we are all here - without me even expecting Meghen and Sivanesen to grace us at this Kali Pooja, and to have Raksha Raksha sung in that deep, divine energy that we so much enjoy. It is all the doing of Babaji, and we all live in the radiance of Babaji. To some of you this Babaji thing may seem like a sign of madness. But to those people who belong to Nagaraja's Babaji networking - Sivanesen, Meghen and myself - we enjoy Babaji. For some reason Babaji gives us all the energy we want.

But what I'm going to tell you now might insult some of you but, unfortunately, it  is good to say it now. I've known many of you here for many years. Not one day did you come to me to ask me for the key to the meditation hall to meditate for even an hour. Not one of you. Meghan, Sivanesen, and Meghan's wife found the time. Last week they were here, the week before they sat for 2 or 4 hours to meditate in the radiance of Babaji. Babaji says we meditate in his radiance. So as I sat here, Babaji was in his highest state of glory and joy. And Babaji's highest state of glory and joy is his name. Yogiar Ramaiah's highest state of glory enjoyed is Babaji's name. This union between guru and disciple is so unique. It cannot be compared to the relationship between father and son, mother and daughter, for example. This is something else, all in the radiance of Babaji. So just because Babaji directed Sivanesen, Meghan and his wife in this direction on this day, I think it will be proper for us to acknowledge that.

Hari Om.

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