Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mahanavagraha talk

On the 30th of August there is a big meeting on the astral plane about the current state of our world. We need to be very guarded with regard to this. So we need to start to pray, pray and pray. Just like you’ll bhangara, bhangara and bhangara, just change that to pray, pray and pray. And you’ll find that you’ll be in a better place than many people around you. If some of you just come to do pooja, please you have your gurus, go and hold onto their feet for dear life. Because the gurus are the only ones that can take you out of this rut – nobody else. Not even God because you don’t know how to communicate with God. You are still on a spiritual starter pack and come here every Friday for top up. We need to get higher than that now and do sadhana continuously.

If your name isn’t given according to your nakshaktra then you’ll have problems in your life. Parents give a name like Justin. If you do numerology on the name, we don’t know if it means ‘just a tin’, because the numerology of the number is a 7. It’s a very bad number to have in numerology. Many parents sitting here also gave names so it sounded right. You must keep the name given according to the nakshaktra. I’ll just give you one but there are too many of you here to do them all. If you want me to do it just make an appointment with me. The first nakshaktra in our constellation of 27 stars is Ashwini. If that’s yours it means your name should start with the sound ‘chu’, ‘chi’, ‘sho’, or ‘la’. ‘Chu’ is in the morning, ‘chi’ is for a baby born between 9 and 12. ‘Cho’ is for a baby born between 12 and 6. ‘La’ is for a baby born between 6 and 6. That is how astrology works. For example, according to my nakshaktra my sound should be ‘lo’ so my father, on the train from Chakaskraal to the registrar office in Durban, the whole way was saying ‘lo, lo, lo, lo’. But when he reached there he had forgotten. My name was supposed to be Loganathan, but he forgot and gave me his father’s name instead. Only when I changed my name did I stop suffering. It wasn’t a fancy name. It was a real bush name. Now we also mustn’t give names just because it’s modern times. Nakshaktra is still there whether you invent another kind of computer in the next 20 years or not. It will still be the same. Even if there are flying cars in the future it will still be the same. It won’t change.

What we have to do now is recite the Gayathri Mantra, the Ram Mantra and the Maha Mantra in one mantra. Do that 108 times. As I was sitting in the coffee shop earlier waiting for it to open, someone told to me that he doesn’t go to church but he closes his eyes and goes in to the depth of his being. So you find the time, meditate and find peace within yourself then transmit it to everybody around you and it can work. But we are not finding the peace within ourselves continuously. We’re thinking, ‘He has this, why I cant I have it? His house is like this why can’t mine be the same? God is giving him everything’. Just to remind you, when God gives you something he takes a long time to give it to you – it can be 20 or 30 years. But he doesn’t take that long to take it away from you. Therefore we should mentally satisfy God continuously by reciting His name, reciting the mantras and enjoying the peace within yourself. That is what it’s all about.

This is a very important day in my calendar. We have concluded the prayer with the blessings of the masters, and that they have given us such powerful mantras to recite. It’s for you now to take this and continuously nurture this energy that you have today. And the only way to nurture it is by remembering God, remembering God and remembering God. That’s all you have to do continuously. Whether at work, at home, in the shower, while driving, eating, every spare moment you have. Instead of letting the mind idle away, rather remember God, speak about God continuously. I get a thrill from speaking about God. I really do. When I travel I just wait for people to start a topic on God because that’s what I enjoy. Yesterday I told you that Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, said that he who talks about the Lord in a positive manner, comes to me. We all need to go some time to Krishna, to that loka, or Vaikuntha, Shiva-loka, Ram-loka, Jesu-loka, it doesn’t matter. But we need to sometimes think about how we’re going to go there.

Always do this whenever you find yourself in a situation in life: repeat the same thing over and over until you get tired of hearing it within yourself, and then start to repeat God’s name and see the thrill that the Self has – not you, the Self. The Self is always joyous in moments like these. And the Self will say to you, ‘Brothers and sisters I’ve had many; mothers and fathers too. I’ve seen them before, I see them now, but I do not know them from before’. That’s what the Self will tell you. The Self knows it’s been through this journey before and that you are the very person who did not do a good job the last time, so you are coming here again to pave the way for your next journey. Pave your path in a way that you can walk on it, where it is moist and full of energy, not hot or thorny – and enjoy that moment.

There’s nothing better in this world than just remembering God. God is a very unique concept in our minds. Somebody asked me not so long ago, how he could pray or trust something that he can’t see? He has not seen God. And my statement to him was, ‘You have not seen that 1 million rand policy. You’ve only seen it on a piece of paper, even if you die you won't see it but you still take the policy’. That’s the way the mind works. So, please, I’ve done my bit for each one of you. On the 30th of August I ask for all of you to be on a dry fast from 6 am to 1 pm. During that time I’ll be doing a very special prayer for each of you in a place called Rambhola in Sri Lanka. Your names will be given and recited with the name of God to relieve whatever karmic consequences will come upon you at this time. I humbly request from you that on the 30th of August each one of you fast from the time you get up till 1pm. No solids, no liquids, nothing. That means since it’s a Saturday, any of you not going to work cannot even brush your teeth on that day. You shouldn’t have any taste in your mouth until 1pm. After that you won’t be worried about brushing your teeth. You’ll just worry about eating. They request you not to brush your teeth because no matter how you try, the tongue will absorb some of it. You should not have any taste during the day. Therefore it’s very important that you do the fast properly, and see what it does for you.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Grow God's love in a plant

Hari om.

Some time ago we requested that each of you bring a plant from your garden but it doesn’t seem that’s materialized. Plants are given to us by God because He loves us. The appreciation of us taking care of them is what God gives us back in a flower. The flower is God’s way of saying thank you. It is at this time in this kali yuga that we need as many plants as we can around us in our surroundings. Create an environment so we don’t get caught with the ozone thing that seems to be happening. As you walk around the ashram you’ll see that I’ve taken good care of the plants that are here. I walk around, I water them, I dig. Because I’m not only your caretaker, I’m also the ashram caretaker, the garden caretaker.

We need to find some time in our busy lives. You may not appreciate this now but you will later. You need to find some time to spend in the garden, because Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that without karma yoga there’s no bhakti yoga. You have to have some action. Without legs you can't run, except for one person with artificial legs.

So we need now to find within ourselves and around ourselves some time to attend to the garden, to the ashram. Every time you come here you’ll see something new. We try our best but I think sometimes it’s also the devotees who must try. If you go to Akshardham in Delhi you’ll fall on your back. All work there is voluntary. When you look at the garden it’s like a postcard. Then in Vellu there’s a devi temple in gold, with the murthis in solid gold. Security is high but the garden is unbelievable. From the entrance to the temple is a 1 km walk. And all the way the garden is just kept so beautiful. And God also satisfies them in every other way.

So karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and then raja yoga. Krishna says clearly to Arjuna when he asks, that without action, karma yoga, there is no bhakti. So if you can, please come here, take a patch – you’ll see lots of names here. Neeta will leave plants with me, Saras leaves plants with me. I have to dig and plant them. Bring plants. Last week it cost the temple R1900 just for the plants and garden stuff. I’ll leave it to you.

In kali yuga we can’t do anything else but satisfy God. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that we must just surrender and make all work God’s work. Even if you are going to work in the morning, say it's God’s work and collect darshan. Don’t say, ‘Mister So-in-so is going to make my day miserable’. Wake up and say ‘Lord, God, Jesus, Allah, I’m working for you’, and you will have the most beautiful day. The same applies to school children. I didn’t like my Latin teacher so when time for the Latin lesson came I was most stressed and frustrated because I didn’t like the teacher – I still passed though. My guru knew nothing about school. He didn’t to go school, he just said, ‘Go to school, study, pass and I’ll give you everything’. And he kept to his word

As I said, God’s gift to us, out of love for us, is a plant. Our tending of plants shows his appreciation by giving us a flower.

Hari Om

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gayathri lineage explained

Hari Om.
Because it is August we do Agasthiar pournami. The month of August was named after Agasthiar. In Greek philosophy he was a great spiritual man who taught some potent religious stuff to the Greeks in those days. Agasthiar’s name is mentioned in the Ramayan as a great sage, and if you go to the deeper text of the avatars before that, Agasthiar is mentioned. There were 2 great personalities mentioned in the Ramayan, the Bhagavad Gita, and in other scriptures, and they are Agasthiar and Hanuman. Even in the Gita the flag of Hanuman is on the chariot of Sri Krishna. That tells us we are on the right path. Agasthiar is the great saint who gave us the order of this world. The masters on the astral world who control the functioning of this plane are called the sapta (seven) rishis. In charge of them, their boss, is Agasthiar. In North India it is pronounced Agastya, and in South India it is Agasthiar. Second to him is Bhogar Maharishi. In North India he is called Bhogar, and in South India he is called Bhogar Maharishi. In China he started the religion of Taoism and is called Bo Yang.

We, of the Hindu religion, believe that we are the originators of everything that happens around us. Krishna appeared 3000 to 5000 years ago. Ram appeared in another era altogether. He is beyond our time. At that time Agasthiar was setting up Hindu grammar. He is a master of Hindu grammar. There are only 2 such masters: Agasthiar and Patanjali who was also a great master of grammar. By ‘grammar’ is meant Sanskrit grammar, to put everything in a uniform way for us to live this life. Therefore we follow Agasthiar. Our guru is Swami Murugesu. Swami Murugesu’s guru is Khanniah Yogi. Khania Yogi’s guru who taught him and left is Agasthiar. From our yoga perspective our guru is Yogiar. His guru is Kriya Babaji, and Babaji’s gurus are Agsthiar and Bhogar Maharishi.

Therefore, we take Agasthiar very seriously in our homes. In some homes Agasthiar is the only saint worshiped, and those devotees get what they want in life. Agasthiar initially gave Gayathri to Vishwamitra who brought it down to Sri Ram Acharya, who in turn handed it down to Swami Murugesu who started the Gayathri Peedam. So, Agasthiar is in all the lineages: the Giri mountain, tradition, the Ganges tradition and the Sivinanada tradition. If you go to Chinmaya, Gayathri comes from Sivananda, and Sivananda acquired the tradition from Agasthiar. Everything links to Agasthiar, who was not more than 110 cm tall. He was like a dwarf but he had the power. You know the short people here how you are, how you have the power. Agastyar has the power. Coming back to this time in Kali Yuga where all the planets are so badly aligned, Agasthiar is the one who takes us there. All this is related to Gayathri, Sri Ram and the Maha Mantra.

Agasthiar has the power to dissolve the complete space we live in. He is very strong. No other men are strong like him. He had two wives and one of them didn’t listen to him. Just by striking his stick and thinking about a river, she became a river, the Kavady River. That’s the power he had. This is no myth. But the fact that Babaji still exists is considered a myth. It is not. I have 10 people who travelled with me to Badrinath and we had the privilege of meeting Babaji. If you believe in God then no explanation is necessary but for he who does not believe, no explanation is possible. You see where you fit.

Hari Om.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pray through difficult times

We've been talking about this for weeks. We're going to be going through a bad patch after the 27th of July and, as you can see, many things have been happening and many things are going to happen. Therefore, we did this very special Luxmi Kubera pooja so each one of you is protected.

I gave you some weed, not for you to smoke but to be smoked by the fire. And by making that offering into the fire with deep sincerity, what you want in life you will get. I'll tell you about the root. It's a herb from the Himalayan mountains. I tried to bring it into the country 5 times and 5 times it was confiscated. But this time they let me go through. It is an illegal root to bring from India. I'm not going to tell you the name of the root but if you took that root and left it in a 5 litre container of water (and there's a special mantra to recite which I won’t give you), then after 7 days if you take a teaspoon of the water, it's guaranteed weight loss. I could make a lot of money out of it, but that's not why I brought it. That is just one of it’s herbal potencies. You had it in the fire and breathed in the smoke. It also good to heal people with blood conditions, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems - somehow it has that healing potential. That is also the reason it is restricted to India. You can only get it from sadhus. You can't go and buy it in the shop. I tried. You need to know the guys and get the herb from them. They give it to you in a rice bag with a string and you need to repack it so you don't get caught. It doesn't weigh a lot. If you have that in your hand and make an offering with a sincere thought of what you want, you will be protected against all the disasters to come. I know you'll be protected. The idea of many things the Gayathri Peedam does is to help you remember God continuously. Therefore we have the online radio now, where you can see or hear the complete processions of all our poojas, and you can at least once remember the name of God and have that protection.

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that at the time of death if we just mention God's name we will attain moksha. You don't know when you will die. If you say His name continuously then you'll remember it when you are dying. If you don't, you'll be thinking about which son will get the money, which mattress you hid the money under, who's going to get the house, hoping your wife doesn’t remarry and take your house. It will no longer be your house, but that's how the mind works. Therefore you'll find that in the olden days parents named their children after deities: Krishna, Siva, so when they call them to tell them where the money is, they mention God's name. We're not so clever. We have Darren, Drey, Justin. If I call them I'll go nowhere, not even to hell. Our parents were very smart.

The Srimad Bhagavatam clearly states that when the moon, the sun, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu are in the same house, disaster will strike. And on the 27th of July they're all congregated to have a meeting in the same house – no, not my house. But they are all in Cancer at the moment so if you are a cancerian, you really have a bad time coming up, but that doesn't mean it's not going to affect anybody else. I was in Jo'burg this weekend and I told the devotees before I left that there would be disaster. And they had the disaster this week (in the form of an earthquake). This is because the masters are telling us that we need to just follow God, and that we can only maintain this life by praying and remembering His name. You don't have to follow another religion to be saved. 'Allah' is God, Jesus is God, Krishna is God – whichever religion you follow you're still following God and you will get beatitude love and peace. The only problem is that we don't give that continual sincerity to our worship.

Today, to walk into Gateway shopping centre was the most beautiful experience. I don’t usually like Gateway but it was beautiful because all our mothers, sisters and daughters were wearing red saris and punjabis. Why can't they do that every day? Why only today? The Srimad Bhagavatam even talks about the way we will be dressed. It says that you will be called handsome or beautiful by your hairstyle. We look at today's hairstyles and think, 'What's wrong with that kid?', And they are wondering what’s wrong with us. For those who don't know all the mantras, I have this written in English for you. Say this every day and see how you will be protected.

O' Divine Mother, You are the ultimate form of all the scriptures, and You remove the impediments of the devotees who seek Your help. You are the Goddess Gayathri Devi who dwells in the hearts of all sincere seekers. O' Mata, you fed the child Gnanasampanthar by embracing him and offering him the milk of wisdom and knowledge. He stood at the top of Palani in a relinquished form, to bless the devotees. You are the sweet voice of all brahmins and divine seekers who chant Your holy mantra, the Gayathri Mantra. You dwell in the hearts of all devotees who seek Your grace. Please destroy the sins of the ignorant human who comes towards You reciting Your glory. O' Mother, please remove these difficult times and stop all violence and war that is happening around us. Always place Thy divine hands on my shoulders, and heal and guide me. Om Mahadevi Gayathri Devi Thirupurasundari Balalalitha Namah Om.

7000 years ago they were talking about today's hairstyles. Please remember this is the most difficult time in our lives. Every day you're going to see it becoming tighter and tighter, like a belt at your waist and every day you tighten it. Whatever you have in your resources, be sparing about it. Do not go and waste it or you will all be in serious trouble.

I'm just going to tell you a quick story. A very prosperous printing company owner in Jo'burg, told me that the director of the company complained to him that he is not getting so many bus cards, invoices, etc to print. And he said to me that it is because businessmen are not making enough business to want these things. The reason for that is that the ordinary man is not purchasing as much as he used to purchase – and every day that is becoming less and less.

We need to be very careful in the way we live the 2 years ahead of us. There are going to be many more disasters, next week, the week after next. We will listen and hear only about disasters. You are fortunate because you are worshiping with the Gayathri Mantra. There are only three mantras you need to recite at this time: the Gayathri Mantra, the Ram Mantra and the Maha Mantra. Recite them all as one mantra, 108 continuously, every day, and see how people around you will be telling you negative things and you'll say, 'That's not happening to me'. That mantra is basically a verbal talisman to protect you continuously. The more you recite it, the more you are shielded against negativity.

Hari om, God bless you.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Slaughtering is not ahimsa

Somebody asked me, maybe a week ago, why the tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes affect Asia, Vietnam, China and Japan. The simple answer to that is those countries destroy nature more than anything else in the world. They eat the whale, kill the dolphins and destroy the dolphin population. For that reason there is a negative feel around the whole country. Because of their destruction of nature they have tsunamis and natural disasters in their countries.

Every country is represented as an individual. For example, when you go to the Bhagavad Gita, in the opening chapters, it talks about Dharmashaktra and Kurushaktra. There was no battlefield in India. The battlefield is our physical body. We also can accumulate negative energy around us and destroy ourselves. Please don’t misunderstand me and think I’m trying to make you vegetarian. It’s nothing of that nature. We also have Ten Commandments, and the first of those in the Hindu following is ahimsa – non-killing, non-injury, to anything that is moveable – and that includes animals. We should not even destroy an animal but we in this present time now, especially right now, the Tamil-speaking people and later on the Hindi-speaking people, will do poojas where they will slaughter and that is against ahimsa. I’m not propagating vegetarianism, I’m telling you what our scriptures say. As you do those things you’ll create negative energy for your children and they will bear the karmic consequences of that.

Sometimes we just follow blindly. If I ask them why they are doing this pooja, why are they slaughtering? They will tell me their father and mother did it, and their parent’s parents did it. The only difference between them and their grandparents is that they just slaughter, but their grandparents recited special mantras to overcome the effect of the karma. The maharaj, the priest, won’t tell you that. He’ll do all the poojas – he does his part and you must do your part. Why doesn’t he stay and witness the slaughter? Because he knows within himself that it is wrong, but he won't tell you that because then you won’t employ him for your next pooja, and because it is against your family tradition not to do it. He’ll say. ‘Let me take my darshan,’ then sit in his Mercedes Benz and he is gone. And some other guy comes and does the slaughtering. Look at him, the slaughterer, and see whether he is like you or different from you. You’ll see that he looks very abnormal because what he does has taken an effect on him, and the negative energy has built up around him.

I’m telling you this because we are living in Canto 12 of the Srimvad Bhagvatam, and it tells you that this is the time. Religiousness will diminish. If you asked your granny why she breaks the mielies (corn cobs) before boiling them she’ll say it’s because her granny did it, and so on. The first one who started breaking the mielies did it because their pot was too small. We’re too scared to stop our traditions, and that is why you are having a bad time. Your bad time occurs in a cycle whether you like it or not. It’s a 9-year cycle, for some people 18 years – 9 years of good and 9 years of bad. Whether you like it or not you’ll get caught in that cycle. Then you’ll get caught in this current cycle of Rahu, Guru and Ketu sitting in Cancer, moving into Leo in a few days time. When you have a situation like this it has nothing to do with your 9-year cycle. It will effect you. You will all be affected by January 2016, whether you like it or not – all of you. Therefore, this is what will sustain you: pooja, reciting of mantras, and praying.

If you have a Friday service, it is your commitment, your appointment with God. Even if Brazil is playing Germany, or if Manchester United is playing Liverpool, keep your appointment. Really, this is how it is. We are more fanatical about Manchester United than we are about God. And we have some members here like that today, they’re wearing yellow shirts but normally they’re red. Let us be fanatical about God. You need to understand one thing: if you believe in God and you die tomorrow, when you go ‘up there’ if there’s no God then there’s no problem. But if there is a God, you’ll benefit. And it works the other way too: if you don’t believe in God, and there is no God then you’re fine, but if there is a God then … big trouble for you. Remember that.

The Gayathri Mantra, the Sri Ram Mantra and the Maha Mantra are the 3 mantras that will sustain you in this life. So if you or your family is slaughtering, you must go and decide whether you want to do it or not. My mother and father used to slaughter, but from the age of 14 I decided I’m not going that route and I told them that when they die I’m not carrying on that tradition. By the time my father passed on in 1990, they had also changed and were no longer slaughtering. By the time my mother passed away we were total vegetarians. My parents realized the ahimsa we talked about will effect us. So go and think about this, especially if you have children because it will come out in the children. And the karmic consequences are not very good because you will also suffer in the process.

Somebody said to me they do a pig prayer: at midnight they do one prayer, and in the morning they eat that meat because its blessed. To me that was very funny. They have a janda flag on the same property, but they cover it with a white cloth. If God is so small that He can be contained in a white cloth, then I won’t pray to that God because I’m bigger than Him. He’s omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, and yet we think we can confine him to the 3 walls where the janda is so we can do the slaughtering prayer. The worship of Hanuman covers a distance of 156 600 km – that’s his energy. And the other day we had a chart here to show you how it is calculated. So if you really worship Hanuman, his energy is from here to the sun. When they said he made one leap they’re talking about that energy. He has to be here and at the sun at the same time. So if you have a Hanuman janda no white cloth works. Your actions will come back to bite you – like a cobra, it will be very painful.

Hari Om.

Friday, August 1, 2014

3 mantras for difficult times

Hari om.
Before we continue I want to tell you one incident that happened at home yesterday. A couple came to see me. They walked through the kitchen and came to my room. The lady said to me, “You know, I’m utterly confused”. I thought she was confused with my astrology and I was very worried because I spoke clearly in plain English. I asked what she was confused about. She said, “As I walked in, I saw the navagraha shrine, then I saw Mother Mary. I come to your kitchen and see a Moslem guy standing there. In your room I see all the gurus. What religion do you follow?” She was utterly confused that we have all that in one place.

Each one of you is such a great concern to me in this time, that it’s unbelievable. Dean and I were talking about the same thing and how much we are trying to keep you all, so you don’t get caught up in these difficult times. You might not even know this, but when it’s finished then you’ll realize that you haven’t got anything.

I had a man come to see me on Tuesday or Wednesday. In Jan he had 17 vehicles, 3 businesses and 2 or 3 houses. He came and stood in front of me and said, “I’m penniless”. The bank had repossessed everything that he had. He’s been giving the same clients credit accounts for years. He had 6 million rand owing to him and he couldn’t pay the bank. In 6 months 17 cars, a few houses and 3 businesses were shut down and the bank repossessed all he had. The sad thing is that he’s a cancerian. And the worst hit people right now are cancerians. They will do some strange things now that they’ve never done before because that is how the planets are sitting right now, and right up to the 15th of March 2015. When I hear these stories it worries me that each one of us, some how, is going to be brought down by these difficult times.

Dean was telling me the other day that there’s a motor vehicle company that, every month since January, has sold 100 cars less than the previous month. And I know the company because Dean used to always tell me how many cars they were selling. Now when a big company like that is going through difficulties, ours are nothing in comparison. It will have a ripple effect. That man really didn’t owe any money if people had paid him what they owed him but the ripple effect is that he is standing in the street.

The Gayathi Mantra, The Ram Mantra and the Maha Mantra are the only mantras that will take you out of these difficult times. Not one day of worry will you have, I can guarantee you that. We need to do it continuously. We need to have bhakti – devotion, dedication and discipline – the 3 Ds. If you have those nothing will come in your way. Someone told me that I must recite the Hanuman Chalisa. That is very good, but it’s not the kind of protection you need right now. The difference is that the Hanuman Chalisa protects you from injury, accident and trickery, but it has nothing to do with the planets. Right now you need to recite the Gayathri Mantra, the Ram Mantra (Hare Krishana), and the Gayathri mantra, like this:

Om bhoor bhuvaha swaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahee
Dhiyo yonaha prachodayat
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hara
Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram Om.

After you master that you don’t have to think. It’s like driving a car for the first time. But once you master it you have nothing to worry about. l can’t emphasise it more. I sit every day and pray for everyone. I get so drained that when I place my head on the pillow I only wake up the next morning.

But you also need to help yourselves. You must also do the prayer. In 2 or 3 weeks time there will be a special pooja for you to do as much as you can in your homes. It will all be done very simply. And for those who can’t recite the mantras, especially the westerners, I’ve written out an English mantra to the Mother, which Lalitha has now. It will go to print and you will get a copy. Just say that one time and you will be protected. This is all I can do for you but you need to help yourself. You need to help me help you. I can’t do it alone. You can identify each person in your family when you pray but I can't identify all of you. I will definitely miss someone.

This is a very difficult time coming up. To those who have one vehicle, don’t go and get another one. Stay with what you have until March or April next year. With Rahu and Kethu in alignment with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun, it’s a big problem right now so recite the Gayathri Mantra, the Maha Mantra, and the Ram mantra. If you can’t do all that, just pray to Agasthiar because he’s the cause of all this – but that’s a difficult prayer. Every time you bow he will kick you because he knows you’re part of the problem. People will laugh at you but when you are standing out there and they’re drowning they’ll stretch their hands out to you but you will have both hands busy with your beads, praying. Try not to go down with everyone. You’ll see big businesses closing around you. It is also the dawn of World War III – that is knocking on our door. If you have cash in the bank keep it. You’ll need it.

Hari Om.