Saturday, November 30, 2013

In the radiance of Babaji

In the radiance of Babaji, in the light of my guru, and in the glory of Christ, this day has been set to remember that master, that disciple, that child of God, Kriya Babaji Nagaraja of Parangapet in South India. We are about to start so please let us experience Babaji as has already started with the wind-storm. And as we get deeper into the prayer, you will see a complete change in the weather. We will start with prostrations and salutations to the gurus especially Agsthiar, the paramguru of Babaji.

Babaji is very predictable. Early this morning I told Kumaresan that today Babaji knows we're performing pooja for him so he'll give us the weather that suits him best. That is wind first. You saw, as soon as the garland went onto Muruga the rain came. This is not the first time this has happened. This is the best time for you to feel the energy of Babaji. You'll feel it in your spine. Just enjoy it because it is the most unique energy. His energy will definitely be felt by the time we finish tonight. All of you will be able to feel it.

Everything in this world, in this life, we only have through the grace of Babaji. To those who are new to Babaji, believe me, your mere existence is due to his presence. And when he decides to block one nostril that's the end of you. To those who don't know Babaji, please believe me, Babaji exists. He is here. I could not predict today's weather, but I could predict Babaji. That's how close he is to the Gayathri Peedam. And what you see outside now is exactly by Babaji's grace. 'I come as rain, I come as wind, I come as storm', and that's how he  comes into your life. You just want to stay in his shrine, that's the magnitude of his magnet. Just believe in him. I say this in his glory, his radiance, in the light of my guru, and in the glory of Christ.

For those who don't know Babaji, he actually taught Jesus Christ the kundalini pranayama. The Christians won't accept this. When he was crucified on the cross, Christ did not die but knew the technique to hold his breath. Only one person knew he had that technique: Mary Magdalene. She knew that Jesus was alive. He did not rise from the dead. He knew the kriya kundalini pranayam technique taught to him by two great saints Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, and Patanjali. Both were his teachers. That same technique was taught to the Jadatharaya institute by Yogiar Ramaiah. If Yogiar's photograph frightens you, in real life he will also frighten you. He was a hundred percent disciplinarian. He did not mix up his words or hold them back. He would say it as it was. No polished words. He taught the technique to some twenty-five of our students. Out of those we have only about ten initiated and following in the steps of Yogiar Ramaiah. You want to know what happened to the other fifteen? They became great yogis. In their eyes they think they're yogis, but the Bhagavad Gita says that he who eats too much is more of a bhogi than a roghi. They don't come to the ashram because we tell them to eat a little. We had the sharing of food when Yogiar was here and he shared everybody's food out, and he paired himself with Seelan. The beauty of eating with Yogiar is that his nails are long, and they are dirty. He uses the same finger to put vaseline in his nose for pranayama. And Seelan had to eat from the same plate. Seelan had this thing that if he saw dirt he would spew at the same time. It's called breaking his ego and, really, Yogiar did a good job.

That gentleman in the corner, Roy; that lady there, normally known as Nareenmosi; next to her is Ashok; in front of him is Krishnee - they had the opportunity of meeting Babaji in Badrinath when we toured there. They will tell you the experience they had and how he disappeared as we turned around. Ask them and they'll tell you about their unique experience of seeing this individual who is over two-thousand years old, but looking as if he's only twenty years old - a great saint. And we're celebrating him today. The more you get into the bhajan, the more you'll experience Babaji. He can live in swarupa samadhi, without eating. The highest state.

I'll tell you about some miracles. One day we driving to Durban, and the children wanted ice cream. I had no money in my pocket. Then a motorbike overtook us and a ten Rand note fell out of the driver's pocked. I stopped the car, picked up the note and bought them ice cream. In those times things were very difficult, and I was behind on my bond payments. I never discussed it at home. I would never tell the family when we were behind, and the bank used to phone me. The arrears was over four thousand rand, and I didn't ask anybody for help. I said, 'Mother, you know if you want me to stay in this house, make it happen'. That week the bank was troubling me. We did a wedding and the groom gave me one-hundred-and-fifty rand. If I had gone to the bank with that they would have laughed at me. On the Monday, the couple left for their honeymoon and came past the house. They left an envelope with a card. I didn't open it right away, but sometimes you have a little bee in your head saying 'open it'. Inside there was a cheque for the exact amount required to pay my bond. Then my son decided he wanted to study medicine, but I was unemployed and I did not want to apply for a bursary. Even today I still don't know how I educated him. He finished medical college. The only thing I know is he phoned me and said 'second semester is due,' and by the Friday I would have paid his fees. If these stories don't make you believe there is a supreme existence that can make anything in our lives happen, then nothing will.

I just want to reinforce that there is a great existence. The Hare Krishnas call it the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We call it Gayathri; the Saivites it Shiva. Call it whatever you want: Jesus, Buddha. We're the only religion in the world that can take a stone and call it God. We have the power to take a stone and call it God. We have the power to believe from the deepest level that God exists, and once you know that then there's a miracle – Kriya Babaji. He's done wonders for many here. Babaji has done everything Tashi wanted in her life. She is one of the rare people who has had a Babaji pendant around her neck since primary school. She wears it every day. She's also a smart child. She might have traded it for a popsicle, but she still has it. One day she had a bath with it and it fell in the tub. She was so sad and I realised that Babaji lives in that child. That's all I need in this life, and for all of you to believe. Not to follow, just believe. Everything happens after that.

Without devotion you cannot get dedication, and without dedication you cannot get devotion. Without karma yoga you can't get bhakti yoga and vice versa. I believe there is a reason for everything in our life. It's the same for all of you. You're not seated here by coincidence, or by accident, or chance. You're seated here because this is the consequential event in the eyes of the Supreme, and that you have been part of this in many lifetimes, and of each other in many lifetimes. And you've come together here to join this union in the name and in the radiance of the master, Kriya Babaji. And if you have Kriya Babaji's name on your lips for twenty-four hours, from personal experience I will tell you that nothing will go wrong in your life. To all of you, in the radiance of Babaji, the light of my guru, the glory of Christ, I wish you a safe  journey -  after I've served you your meals.

Hari Om