Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sacred crystal healing

In the radiance of Babaji and the light of my gurus, this is the eighteenth healing pooja here. For eighteen years this has been a successful function and I do not find today any different, with the number of people here and more still to come. Since it is in the radiance of Babaji and the light of my gurus, I think it is an appropriate time now to call the name of Babaji.

Crystal healing is the most unique form of healing. We have doctors and pharmacists here. Crystal healing definitely can heal you, but only you can make a difference. How do they work? This is called a crystal wand and each one of the crystals has a single memory cell. You programme it to do just one function. All the crystals here today are programmed with one function: to heal. As I pass the crystals over you, you'll feel the energy over your body. That is the healing potential of crystals.

Here is a smoky crystal wand, and this is a smoky quartz wand. This one is called an OM crystal wand. If you listen to it carefully, it resonates to the sound of OM – it has OM inscribed on it, naturally. This is a cobra crystal. It's been formed over thousands of years in the Himalayas, in ice, and this is what happens to it. This one is a rose quartz and is very good to have at home, especially if you have a rocky relationship. Keep this stone in your bedroom, in your house - it is excellent. It brings about harmony and peace. These are all crystals from Tibet and Nepal. This is a mixture of two kinds of crystal. This is a crystal wand that you can use to massage. It is rounded at the end, and also has great potential to heal.

There's only one catch: if you suffer from any terminal diseases that can spread through your body easily, then you cannot have the quartz crystal touching your body. If it touches your body, it can increase the speed of the spreading of the disease because crystals are south pole, that is, they all have the potential to soften tissues. So if you have a condition they will soften the condition. Most crystals and south pole magnets are the same. There's only one north pole crystal – tiger eye, and cat's eye also – both are north pole crystals. They harden the tissues, or the condition. When you have a crystal, and a tiger eye is next to it, the crystal will stay clean - you don't have to cleanse it. Tiger eye is self-cleaning without you doing anything. This stone here is labradorite – it's a pendulum. It tells me how sick you are by its movement over your head, and we can heal you accordingly.

Do you have any questions about crystals? I know you're hungry. All the experts are here: Sundrie, Warren, Jo.

[The following questions were asked by members of the audience and answered by Swami Shankarananda.]

Can you combine the stones and use them together?
Yes. It's called 'loading', and is used to enhance the other stones. For example if you're working with the third eye - and the stone we generally use there is amethyst, but you can use other stones - you have an amethyst and around it you place other stones to load the amethyst, to help it have more energy. Stones back each other up. If you're going to start crystal healing at home - good.

What's the best way to cleanse your stones?
If you have tiger eye you don't need any cleansing. Just put the tiger eye with the other stones and it does its own thing. There are three ways of cleansing stones. (1) Submerge them in sea salt on a full moon night, outside. (2) Hold the crystals under running water, open your tap and let the stone get a wash. (3) Take a walk to the beach with your stones in a basket and submerge them in the water. But you might miss your stones because sometimes they jump out. The easiest and best way is in the sea. Get a picnic basket with a lid and put all your stones and shells inside. Close it carefully and give them a bath in the ocean. They can jump out.

If you work with stones you'll understand how much energy they have, and how alive they are. Those of you who went to see Ganapathi Satchidananda, saw that he talks to his stones and gets answers from them.

If you break a crystal and there's lots of little bits, what do you do with them?
When you break a crystal, the pieces can be dangerous because they are sharp, so you will need to get rid of it in a nice way. They have a certain amount of emotion.

When you're wearing a crystal necklace, must the crystal touch your skin?
Yes, but you must know your condition if you have a terminal spreading disease. Other crystals you can wear are amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, agate, but not clear quartz if you don't know your health condition. People will sell them to you to wear – you will be attracted to them, but they can cause you pain. All others are fine – just clear quartz is not the best to wear but it is the best to heal with, to hold over  a person to heal them.

How often do you cleanse a crystal?
After every healing, if you have a healing studio. But if for yourself, then once a week. If you're using crystals on other people, cleanse them after every session. I advise healers to have at least three sets of crystals, so while one is being cleansed, you can use the others. Fifteen minutes maximum cleaning time, in salt.

Do you get the nine planet crystals as a bangle?
Yes. Most of the healing that any of us seated here require is between the sacral, solar plexus and the anahata chakras. For many of you here, these are navaratharanam stones. They come in a mala, if you have that you don't need any other stone. That will take care of everything you need.

If you use a tiger eye can it be any size?
The beauty about crystals is that size does not matter. They work whether they are one kilogram, or one gram - they have the same healing potential. They may not radiate the same amount or distance. That big tiger eye there weighs about 30 kilograms. That energy is what you're feeling but that is if you're doing a mass healing like this, because people absorb energy as well. But if you're working on somebody, you don't have to worry. It is very good to cleanse other crystals. If you have a crystal bag where you keep your crystal, each bag should have a tiger eye.

When you run your hand over all the stones on the table there you'll find your hand attracted to one stone. That stone is for you. Right now I have a killing headache because I work with so many stones at the same time. The stones load you with energy.  But you won't get that headache.

On the 11th May, next Saturday we have a crystal workshop in Ballito at the library if you're interested. You can come to the workshop, we teach you how to use the crystals, and place them on individuals. We demonstrate and give each of you a chance to do the same thing.

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