Friday, June 5, 2015


Babaji was in Katrigama. Bhogar Maharishi was his guru there and Agasthiar was his guru in India. The spot where Babaji attained his Samadhi state is in Katrigama. Every morning Bhogar told him to build a hawan kund with stones. And every morning Bhogar would kick it down and tell him it was wrong and then rebuild it exactly the same way. After many practices Babaji realized it was a lesson. From that lesson Babaji became a perfect person, in every sense of the word. So, like that, in this life you have to have obstacles in your path.

I’ve had obstacles. When I was really on the religious path I was about 36 years old, I was just onto the spiritual path. Clinton, Melissa, Tashi and Vishnu were all little – and what happens? Somebody attacked me. They chopped my hand and I lay in hospital in a coma. But that is what made me stronger, made me believe more in God because I still had breath. That they couldn’t take away from me. When I went to the orthopedic surgeon 4 months later, he said that we had to remove the hand. Something said to me, like a bee in my brain, to tell him not to remove it. 5 months later I went for a retest and he said it was developing nicely but I needed to learn to use it. I told him that I would write his cheque with that hand, and 4 months later I did. Still today I write with this hand because I learned from the obstacle. If I had removed my hand and had to develop my other hand I’d never get it right. Now I write with both hands.

What have I attained in 20 years, spiritually? I couldn’t put it on paper, there’s so much. There were things I never knew, but now I know. I don’t know how. And what caused this? One obstacle. I had more time, I didn’t have to go to work. I could sit and meditate for hours. There was a time I used to meditate for 10 hours in one sitting. I would lock myself in my room from 4 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. But I had a reason. I needed to prove that I could still carry on living and doing God’s work even with a disability. I’m telling you these things so you can put more into your belief.

Belief is not like having a carrot in front of a donkey. That’s not belief. Belief is much stronger than that. Anyway, I want you to have strong faith. You don’t have it but you think you do. I’m telling you these things so that even when I am not here you’ll think about this and have a strong belief in God. I know that nothing will flicker that light in me, not even a hailstorm. I make sure the light is protected. When I am locked in my room from 11 to 1, nobody disturbs me for 3 hours. They know that is my time. And I will sit there and have a discussion with the masters, like you are having with me now. So, the order is: enlightenment, self-realization, and then God realization. The definition of enlightenment is to make the mind lighter. As long as the mind is like that your journey will be simple, and quick.