Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swami's 59th Birthday Message

Hari Om.

I remember a devotee ask me just a few weeks ago, "Tell me truly, Swamiji, has it been worth it?" The devotee looked gazingly at my eyes, and in his question I saw earnest sincerity. I really understood his question. "Have you been happy in the ashram, the yoga centre and the Gayathri Peedam? What about the disillusionments, the heartaches, the leaders who could not lead, and the students who could not be taught? What about all of these?"

I answered, "Blessed is the man trusted and sent by God, son! God has remembered me and put all of you as a burden upon me!" Then I thought of all the truly devoted ones, the faithful ones, of love and joy and understanding that illumines the heart of each of you. Slowly I continued my answer, "Yes! A thousand times, yes. It has been, and still is, worth the while. All of you have been a constant inspiration beyond all my dreams. I always dreamed to see Hindi and Tamil people brought together in a bond of spiritual unity and we have that at the ashram".

Then I thought some more and my prayer was: "Oh, Babaji, Sivabalayogi and Swami Murugesu, do you feel that I have done what I needed to do? I pray I have not disappointed the high hopes in which you sent me to work". The great 'spiritual beings' of this country (South Africa) have shown keen interest in keeping Tamil and Hindi devotees apart. They knew that, until there is better assimilation of the South and North Indian cultures, the Indian community cannot improve and they can keep control. I say that each hemisphere needs the best offerings of the other.

My 59th birthday wish and message is: stop destroying yourselves and come together in brother- and sisterhood. Let there be no Hindi Hindu. Let there be no Tamil Hindu. Let there just be people following sanatan dharma.

Thank you for this beautiful get-together and special thoughts to all who made this possible.

Om Kriya Babaji Namaha Aum.